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Does Our Constitution Need to Be Rewritten or Reread?


DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to some far-left loons, our Constitution is a worthless piece of paper that is out of touch with present day Americans.  Imagine this group of political losers, representing mostly Democrats and anarchists, trying to undermine over 225 years of progress as envisioned by the “founding fathers”?  Our Constitution is looked upon, all over the world, as the “holy grail” of what many freedom thinking countries and governments have used as a blueprint for their own constitutions.

These “hate America” advocates can’t seem to get it through their thick heads that the reason why America is #1 in the world, with all its warts, and it will remain so if we elect people into office who will strive to put America first. These misguided people are so ignorant that whenever anything negative happens in the world, they will blame their own country first.  These American bashers come in all colors, all religions, and all genders. 

One reason for this illogical increased animus toward their own country is that our educational system has very cleverly indoctrinated our students into believing that their anarchist, anti-American philosophy is the way to go and what to believe. A large majority of today’s students and young people believe that socialism is a better, more fairer economic system than is capitalism, the #1 type of economic philosophy that has made the United States the greatest country in the world, the place where most people in the world would like to emigrate to today.  The indoctrination of these malleable “heads full of mush” are easily led astray to this illogical conclusion by the aforementioned liberal Marxist/Socialist teachers and professors, that make up most of the faculties in our primary and secondary schools, and in our colleges and universities. It is estimated that 80% to 90% of all educators fall into this leftist category rut. 

The cry on most campuses is for “diversity”, but it seems that their “diversity” excludes “diversity” of faculty and opposing opinions. A quote from Sir Winston Churchill, years ago, seems to sum up the dichotomy of young and old, and it still has resonance today. He said; “If you are not a liberal (a/k/a Progressive) by the age of 20, you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative by the age of 40, you have no brains”. As true as that statement might be, the younger generation makes up a sizable portion of the electorate (along with the special interest leftist-leaning minority groups) that they will determine to, or attempt to, do away with our venerated Constitution or parts thereof.

This whole scenario by some Democrats, “Never-Trumpers” and the far-left, of trying to have President Trump impeached or to have him resign, on an almost daily basis, is one of the methods they’re using to undermine our democratic republic. As the Constitution that was written by our “founding fathers” to prevent “tyranny of the majority”, it now must confront the attack on our democratic institutions by what might be called the “tyranny of the minority”. President Trump must succeed in his quest to “drain the swamp” and to “Make America Great Again” or we will slowly sink into the abyss of global decay like that of Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Somalia, and Libya etc. Pray that the U.S.A. can survive this onslaught against our constitution by these anti-American zealots. It should be reread, not rewritten.

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