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Political “Heavy Hitter” in Palm Beach Says Duplicity of Congressman Ted Deutch Shows Democrat Party’s Dangerous Movement to Radical Left

From left, Theodore Deutch (D-FL22), representing Florida’s 22nd congressional district and Robert Wexler, president of the Center for Middle East Peace, once representing Florida’s 19th congressional district from 1997 to 2010. Photos: United States House of Representatives.

BOCA RATON – I’m a politically conservative Floridian and last week I had a most interesting Delray Beach breakfast meeting with an old Democrat buddy of mine, who while knowing I’m the president of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, still considers himself my buddy. I’ll refer to him as “Bernie,” to protect him from any physical harm or social ostracism resulting from his political revelations to me caused by his feelings that the party he has been loyal to for well over 50 years, has turned shamelessly against Israel and threatens domestic Jewry. In short, he’s scared that we’re in the midst of what may lead to a national Holocaust. If “Bernie,” a most devoted Democrat, has the jitters, something must be up. So he opened up to me.

“Bernie” has deep contacts with and is a heavy hitter with the all powerful Palm Beach County Democrat Executive Committee (DEC) that calls the shots for most of the county. He meets regularly and socially with his cohorts to plan, discuss issues and share thoughts and ideas. He has close ties to Congressman Ted Deutch who, as a Democrat, represents me and tens of thousands of other Jews in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. He has proof that Deutch has aligned himself with the radicals who have turned his party into one that is overtly Jew/Israel hating. He is concerned.

Deutch sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee right alongside his Democrat colleague, Ilhan Omar, of Israel/Jew hating infamy. After she called American Jews traitors and bribers with “Benjamins”, Deutch was grilled in March 2019 by Fox’s Maria Bartiromo and backed up against the wall by being asked why he has not spoken out against her hate, nor demanded Omar’s removal from their committee. He flimflammed the question and gave his fellow Democrat a pass. So did its Chair, Eliot Engel and other members, Brad Sherman and Andy Levine. All Jews. That did it for Bernie.

Bernie, along with members of the DEC met twice with Deutch and confronted him asking why the party had not immediately and openly rebuked Omar and the other Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for their dangerous, Jew public hating rhetoric. They brought up the close relationships that the Democrat Black Congressional Caucus has with Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other black Jew haters.

Deutch told them openly, as politicians do with one another, that he has to be pragmatic and remain politically aligned with the direction of the party which is to continue distancing itself from Jewish and Israeli causes to endear themselves to the ever growing Progressive movement that has overtaken the party. He must do so in order to be re-elected. Deutch brought up the fact that Jews themselves are distancing from the “Old Jewish” loyalty to their faith and Israel. He brought up polling to that effect and he named local rabbis, who with their congregations, have turned the corner, become “modern” and no longer are willing to close their eyes to what he and they claim is Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. He counts on their votes. Deutch’s exact words, “I have to look out for myself and go with the flow.”

“Bernie” reminded me that former local Democrat Congressman Robert Wexler, after abruptly resigning his seat, hand picked Deutch to replace him. Wexler, who had lived legally in Maryland for years while (illegally) representing parts of Palm Beach and Broward Counties, while in office, pawned himself off to Jewish voters as being pro-Israel, for Jewish causes and all that, but when leaving Congress took over the Center for Middle East Peace, a Jewish, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel group.

“Bernie” will  not walk away from his buddies in the Democrat Party. He will try the “change from within” method, hoping without much hope, to slow down his beloved party’s dangerous movement to the radical Left. He’s well up in his years and hope springs eternal. But, he’s not a happy guy.

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