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The Deep State: An Investigation in Search of a Crime

Bill Taylor, one of two top diplomats, during the first public hearings of the impeachment probe testifying before the Intelligence Committee. CBS News, live, Youtube, November 13, 2019.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Since when in our society must we prove ourselves innocent when accused of a crime instead of a legal body finding us guilty? Isn’t that what is happening with the witch hunt now being conducted against our president? For three years, the enemies of President Trump (the Democrats, the “fake news media, and some disgruntled RINO’s) have been trying to negate the presidential election of 2016. It is a travesty of justice for this to be happening in our country.

Ever since the unconventional candidate, Donald Trump, decided to run for president, the political establishment has been working overtime to have Trump removed from office. It started immediately after he was sworn into office (in fact, even before he was sworn in).

The cries of “impeachment” was resonating among the entrenched establishment (the Deep State), not for anything of substance but for selfish personal reasons. Trump was not the the ordinary political “animal”, he was a brusque, bombastic individual who said what he meant and meant what he said (an unusual characteristic in Wash. D.C.) and totally dedicated to the betterment of America (Make America Great Again). The entrenched bureaucrats felt threatened that their control of the operations of the government was at risk with his election.

Since his swearing in, Trump has successfully implemented most all of his campaign promises, even in the face of the total opposition of “sore loser” Democrats. That’s mostly unheard of in the “swamp” of Wash. D.C. That is why they have lashed out at him and his policies, because he is a threat to their way of life (a fact, Wash. D.C. voted 91% for Hillary in 2016).


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The amount of personal vitriol directed at President Trump for 3 years has been unprecedented in modern politics. All presidents have had their critics, but the venom of Trump’s critics has shown the abject depravity of the people who oppose him. Just recently, two favorable happenings occurred under the watch of President Trump. The killing, by our Special Forces, of that ISIS serial monster Al-Baghdadi, and the immensely favorable economic news for the month of October, received nary a complement from the Democrats or their cohorts in the “fake news media”.  In fact, ridicule rained down upon him by the feckless Democrats and the talking heads on radio and T.V.  What kind of citizen patriots would find those positive happenings a subject of ridicule?

Now, the irresponsible Democrats are hanging their personal animosity against President Trump by using a totally innocuous phone conversation by Trump with the Ukrainian President Zelensky, as a means of trying to impeach Trump. This is just a continuation of the failed Russian collusion farce that his enemies conjured up in hopes of having him removed from office, and which Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, found no collusion or obstruction. The wasted time, energy, and money is continuing with this Ukrainian phone call hoax. Even the Ukrainian president said there was no “quid pro quo” and that President Trump exerted no pressure upon him to do anything untoward.  In other words, there was no “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors” to justify this impeachment sham of an investigation.

People believe in fairness, but they can “smell a rat” with how the Democrats are pursuing this impeachment farce. This whole exercise by the Democrats is going to boomerang against them in the 2020 election.  Whether you agree with Trump or not, he will gain sympathy because of the methods used against him by the Democrats as they continue their specious impeachment investigation in search of an impeachable offense by a totally innocent President Trump.

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