Non-Stop Harassment from Day One by “Shifty” Schiff, Now Leading Hearing on What Evidence May Be Presented, Who Can Testify

Adam Schiff (sometimes referred to as “Shifty”) has been in the forefront of accusing Trump of committing impeachable offenses from the day he was inaugurated. It has been non-stop harassment from day one by Schiff and his fellow feckless Democrats and the biased “fake news” media. File photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – How is it that someone in charge of gathering possible impeachable offenses has already made up his mind about the guilt of the individual under investigation? In this case, the President of the United States. Is he the judge and jury of President Trump? Adam Schiff, you should be ashamed of your conduct in leading this “Kangaroo Court” type hearing in the United States Congress.

Adam Schiff (sometimes referred to as “Shifty”) has been in the forefront of accusing President Trump of committing impeachable offenses from the day Trump was inaugurated. It has been non-stop harassment from day one by Adam Schiff and his fellow feckless Democrats and the biased “fake news” media.

First off, they claimed that Trump conspired with the Russians to aid and abet his presidential campaign. Schiff and his cohorts in the FBI and the Justice Department, through some devious methods by using a “fake dossier” that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, pushed for a Special Counsel. A Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, was appointed, by Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to try to find the “collusion” between Trump and the Russians.

For over 2 ½ years, the Mueller probe delved into the charges of collusion (with 18 prosecutors, who were mostly Democrats, working overtime to find collusion). Finally, after exhaustive probing, the Mueller probe found no collusion or obstruction, much to the dismay of Schiff and the Democrats. They were basing an impeachment charge against Trump on Mueller’s Report. What were they going to do now that the Mueller Report found nothing to tie Trump into a Russian conspiracy?

Not to let that exoneration of Trump go by, the feckless Democrats next jumped on an innocuous phone conversation by President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky, to try to claim that Trump offered a “quid pro quo” to Zelensky, which they claim was an impeachable “high crime and misdemeanor”. Before even the transcript of the phone conversation was produced, the Democrats and Schiff came up with a so-called “whistle blower” who claimed he had information that was second-hand and gossip. He had no first-hand knowledge of Trump offering Zelensky a “quid pro quo”, but they ran with it anyway.

Even though the publication released by Trump, of the transcript of the phone conversation showed no “high crimes or misdemeanors” (words from the Constitution), the Democrats, with the assistance of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, decided to spin that innocuous conversation between Trump and Zelensky into a full-fledged impeachment investigation. By the way, President Zelensky, said that no pressure was put on him by President Trump during that entire phone call.

Speaker Pelosi put Schiff in charge of the spurious impeachment investigation. It was like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. The most anti-Trump congressman in all the House of Representatives was now in charge of gathering impeachment information on his nemesis, President Trump. What could go wrong with that scenario?

Now, the Congress is bogged down in a full blown nonsensical investigation in place of doing the country’s business like passing the Mexico/Canada/ U.S. trade agreement, addressing our pressing infrastructure problem etc., by investigating Trump instead legislating for the benefit of the people.

Adam Schiff, a notorious leaker of sensitive information from his perch as chairman of the Intelligence Committee, all through the whole Mueller probe, is still spouting verbosely, nonsense and misinformation, which is only exceeded by his gross stupidity.

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