Broward Sheriff’s Office, Partners with Brightline, Soon To Be Virgin Trains, In Public Service Announcement


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – In the first nine months of 2019, Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives responded to 11 train fatalities. What makes these fatalities even more tragic is that they are all preventable.   

Sheriff Gregory Tony is taking the lead on safety by partnering with Brightline, soon to be Virgin Trains, in this public service announcement. With over 65 miles of railroad tracks and more than 100 rail crossings within Broward County, raising awareness about this preventable tragedy is critical to the safety of our community.

When you think tracks, think train. Take the pledge, stay off the tracks and never try to beat the train.

The following is a transcript of the public service announcement released.

This public service announcement is brought to you by the Broward Sheriff’s Office. I’m Sheriff Gregory Tony talking about train safety and why we partnered with Virgin Brightline to raise awareness. When it comes to tracks, think train. Broward County has over 65 miles of railroad tracks with more than 100 railroad crossings. Each crossing is equipped with gates consisting of three distinct warnings. The first warning comes in the form of flashing red lights followed by a distinct audible alarm in the lower end of gate arms which display red and white bars. All three of the active warnings indicate for the vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist to stop and do not cross the tracks. Always obey those traffic warning devices at railroad crossings and never trespass on the tracks. Trying to beat the train; it’s never a good idea. Join us today; take the pledge; stay off the tracks.

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