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If “Lefty Lunatics” Loved Their Country As Much As They Hate President Trump, There Would Be No End to What U.S. Could Achieve As A Country

President Trump as he spoke at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After offering condolences for victims of a shooting at a synagogue in California, the president talked about his administration’s first two years and urged the crowd to vote for Republicans in the 2020 election. File photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – When President Trump says that we should put America First, and that we are an exceptional country, he gets mocked by the lefty loons who are championing Socialism over our free enterprise Capitalist system. Those ignominious ingrates are really preaching that the United States is not exceptional, but that we are just a mediocre nation.

Listen to the feckless Democrats, they are most always seeming to denigrate the American people and our system of government, especially the people who voted for President Trump in 2016. No matter the good policies that President Trump has proposed and put into action, they cry that those policies are wrong for the country. They never want to give him credit for any of the positive things that are happening in our country through his efforts. They are like little children who don’t get their way and pout.

If these lefty lunatics loved their country as much as they hate President Trump, there would be no end as to what we could achieve as a country.  Imagine all that Trump has accomplished in these almost 3 years as president, even in face of almost total resistance by the Democrats and their lackey’s in the “fake news media”? (a Harvard University study determined that over 90% of all news stories, in the main stream media, was negative about Trump).

During his almost 3 years at the helm of our great country, President Trump has presided over the greatest economy in modern times with employment at an all-time high and unemployment at an all-time low. In the past 3 years, we have become energy independent, no longer having to rely on unstable energy producing nations for our energy needs. We have gotten rid of a multitude of onerous business regulations, and our stock markets have been booming ever since his election, reaching all-time highs. In addition, President Trump has struck some really good trade deals with South Korea, Japan, and he renegotiated a new NAFTA deal with Mexico and Canada (which Nancy Pelosi has not brought up for a vote in the House), how sad that politics takes over from our national interests? He is now having some results with negotiating a trade deal with China, which if it comes to fruition, would be a bonanza for our country. Also, besides the tax cuts that he orchestrated, where most everyone received a tax cut, he has found a way to get funding to build that wall at the southern border. The list of accomplishments of his goes on and on, but you’d never know it if you relied on the Democrats and the news reports in the media. All these good things have happened in spite of the resistance of his political enemies.

You hear many of the Democrat candidates for president preaching from the hymnal of Bernie Sanders and the infamous anti-Semitic socialist cabal of the “Squad”, headed up by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in telling us that reality is not reality, but economic gobbledygook. Instead of proving that we are an exceptional country, they want everyone to be mediocre and dependent on an overbearing government bureaucracy, all under the guise of “fairness”, and believe it or not, many people are falling for that “snake oil”

The lefties are promising all kinds of “free stuff” to the naive groups of voters looking for something for nothing, in hopes that they will get their votes. By championing Socialism, the lefty Democrats want to make our country a mediocre country rather than an exceptional one. In the words of that great statesman, Sir Winston Churchill who said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”, he sort of hit the nail on the head. We don’t want to become another Venezuela or Cuba/

We should not settle for mediocrity, we should always strive to be exceptional, and with the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020, we will be on our way to fulfilling that claim of being exceptional. Keep America great.

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