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Is What Donald Trump Said (14 Years Ago) All That Unusual?

The words recorded during a private surfaced 2005 conversation, unbeknownst to both Trump and Billy Bush (a cousin in the Bush family), are offensive and derogatory, and were not meant for the community as a whole.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Even after almost three years, I’d like to address the real or imagined outrage, mostly by Democrats and “fake news” pundits, that have expressed angst at what Donald Trump said 14 years ago in a private conversation with another guy on a bus (Billy Bush was the other guy). They keep bringing this incident up to prove that Trump is anti-woman and a misogynist to boot. They are like a pit bull that won’t let go of its victim.

I dare say that most men, if they are honest, have participated in “locker room” chatter or banter about women and/or their sex lives. I’ve been told women, probably to a lesser extent than men, have also participated and used sexual banter and comments about men, with other women, at times during their lives.

The words recorded during a private conversation, unbeknownst to both Trump and Billy Bush (a cousin in the Bush family), are offensive and derogatory, and were not meant for the community as a whole. In my lifetime, I have indulged in conversations (and B.S. sessions) with other men along the lines as to what Donald Trump was recorded as saying. It was never intended to be disseminated to the general public as his off-mic conversation was recorded and published.

These salacious words, by Trump, were just that, words and not actions that caused harm to others. The Democrats and his detractors are using these comments by Trump as proof that he is unfit to be president, but they are overlooking the “sins” of both Hillary and Bill Clinton who have also been accused of saying and doing things that are just as damaging, especially in the area of national security, as they were elected politicians, whereas Trump was just a private citizen when he made those comments.

Where’s the outrage over what the Clinton’s and the Obama’s have said and for which they have not apologized for, like Trump has?  I’m not trying to justify one bad behavior for another bad behavior, but I feel much of the outrage is “faux outrage”, politically motivated and used to destroy Trump both personally and politically.

Yes, what Trump said was deplorable, but is that any worse than what Hillary said by calling most of Trump’s supporters “deplorable” and “nonredeemable”? Has she apologized for that despicable characterization of her fellow Americans? Has the news media held Hillary to the same scrutiny that they have held Donald Trump? A number of expose books, by former Secret Service agents and Clinton confidants, have related that Hillary has, on many occasions, used “potty mouthed” epithets directed at people who have surrounded or worked for her, but little if any of those “foul mouthings” by Hillary have been scrutinized by an adoring media, who’s main job, it seems, is protecting Hillary from anything negative. We all are imperfect human beings, and we all have our “warts”, but we never have them exposed in the national media like Trump.

“Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone” seems to apply in this case of what Trump said 14 years ago. The Tom Jones song of “It’s Not Unusual” sums up the situation perfectly.

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