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Bernie Sanders Accepts Linda Sarsour As Major Campaign Supporter


BOCA RATON –  The hate-rot from within the Democrat Party caused by their embrace and support of the likes of openly Jew hating Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, has been metastasized by top presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accepting Linda Sarsour as a major campaign supporter.

Sarsour is well known as the Brooklyn born daughter of Palestinian immigrants and anti-trump Women’s March co-organizer who calls for the eradication of Israel as a nation, stating, “Nothing is creepier that Zionism.” Her “sister” in the women’s movement was Rasmea Odeh, convicted in Israel of killing two Hebrew University students in a 1969 terrorist attack and of planning an attack on the British Consulate. Odeh was released by Israel, lied her way into an American citizenship and when this was discovered,  was promptly deported. But not before winning accolades from our Leftist cheering squad.

Sarsour, who leads radicals through the streets of this nation, shouting out slogans for “women’s rights” does not only deny the rights of Jewish and pro-Israel women to join her groups, she said that Ayaah Hirsi Ali, a prominent critic of radical Islam should have her vagina cut out. Sarsour has also been associated with Louis Farrakhan whom she refuses to condemn. But enough about this prominent embarrassment to the Democrat Party. The big question is…what will the reaction of Jewish Democrats to her be?

I’d like to know how Bernie, calling himself a Jew, could embrace this hater….is he thinking that her support will garner him enough votes to win the primary and eventually the presidency? Will she have an input into his and the party’s platform regarding Israel? Will she suck in foreign Muslim donations to his campaign? Will she accompany him on his speaking engagements to Jewish audiences and to woo Jewish heavy financial hitters?

During the last three presidential elections, 75% of all Democrat donations were from Jewish sources. No small change. And where does the invisible Jewish Democrat Caucus stand with her now openly on their side? We’ve had only the sounds of silence from these quarters since she spoke out this past Saturday. Back in 2017, when Sarsour came out in support of the BDS movement that would strangle Israel, the ADL mumbled this statement after they weakly found fault with the BDS movement, “…we strongly condemn the anti-Muslim bigotry and other invective spouted by speakers at today’s demonstration against Sarsour in Manhattan. There is no excuse for bigotry.” In the war to support Jews and Israel, the bulk of the organized Jewish community, its members, religious and lay leaders and elected liberal officials are usually nowhere to be found. I hope and pray for the swan song of this deadly disease of weakness, silence and impotence. It’s wake-up time. There is not much time left on the clock…for us.

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