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Is Climate Change the New Marxism?

Climate change, a smokescreen to undermine our capitalistic free enterprise system. File photo: Pixabay.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The radicals behind the movement that are championing “climate change” are mostly liberals (a/k/a Progressives) who want to undermine the only system that has brought about less poverty in the world  – it is called “free enterprise capitalism”. In the United States it is the Democrat Socialists (Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib etc.) who are clamoring for these anti-free enterprise rules and regulations with the main intention of instituting “income re-distribution” and punishing the so-called “rich” and successful, the people who have created millions of jobs, and as a result some have become wealthy through their dedication and hard work. The liberal radicals have been demonizing the “anti-poverty” capitalist entrepreneurs for years, and are now using the emotional term “climate change” as their catchword for achieving their insidious goals of trying to rid the world of capitalism and free enterprise.

Look around you today, what do you see? Most public and private schools are staffed by by teachers and professors that preach the Utopian(really should be called “Dystopian) economic philosophy of Socialism (a/k/a Progressiveism, Marxism and Communism). These radical educators have invaded the campuses of the U.S. in droves, with some estimates that 80% to 90% of the faculty members (in our public schools and colleges) are radicals trying to inculcate their philosophy into the mushy minds of impressionable students who have not met life’s challenges yet, and are susceptible to the liberal, radical propaganda put forth by these teachers and professors of “free this” and “free that”.

Look at the phenomenon of the voters of the U.S. who elected President Obama twice who proclaimed that he wanted to “fundamentally change” the U.S. even though he was voted the most liberal senator, as a U.S Senator representing Illinois. The fact that he was black and articulate (Joe Biden’s word) helped him, along with his political cronies, to take over the reins of government. In the 8 years of his presidency, he did not let his fellow radicals down, he had in many areas transformed our government into a European- styled country with his out-of-control (many deemed to be unconstitutional) dictates and presidential directives.

Well, did his transformative changes work for the betterment of our country or had they hindered the economic and political growth of the U.S.? Let’s take a look at what had happened over the 8 years of Obama. Back then, according to Obama and his fellow Democrats, they proclaimed that the biggest threat facing the U.S. and the world was not “IsIamic terrorism”, but “climate change” (a/k/a “global warming”). Can you imagine a sane person equating the march of Islamic terrorism across the world with “climate change” being the major threat to western civilization?  Well, the Democrats today, including their 20 plus candidates for president, have actually stated that as a fact.  How naive and out of touch with reality can they be? It looks like the “Rules for Radicals”, expounded by the Saul Alinsky philosophy, has taken hold of the Democrat Party (both Obama and Hillary Clinton were acolytes of  Saul Alinsky). Alinsky’s rules had been used by Obama to push his radical socialist agenda forward. The results had been unspectacular, to say the least, and harmful to the United States. President Trump has been trying to, by executive orders, to get rid of those harmful regulations by Obama. Many feel that that is one of the reasons why we have such a robust economy today.


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Here were some of the sorry results of Obama’s 8 years in office, 93 million potential workers out of the workforce and not counted in the BLS unemployment rate of 5.1%, the true rate (the U-6 rate) was over 10%, 48 million people were on food stamps, 50 million people at or below the poverty line, the GDP hovered around the 1% to 2% growth rate when 3% to 4% should be the minimum growth rate for real progress, and one of the biggest budget busters facing us today is the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) that has covered only 10 million (mostly by government subsidy) out of the 40 million touted that would be covered when this monstrosity was debated and passed only by a Democrat Congress (no Republicans voted for it). President Trump is now trying to kill Obamacare, and he has started by getting rid of the “Individual Mandate”, whereby a person was charged a fee for NOT signing up for Obamacare. How un-American was that?

So, when our “esteemed” Democrat leaders proclaim that “climate change” is our major national threat, they should be looking in the mirror to see who are the real threats to our country are – they might just see the real threats of our country in the reflection in the mirror – it is themselves. This presidential election in 2020 will be pivotable for our country’s survival. Do we continue “down the yellow-brick road” to disaster by electing more radicals (Democrats) or will we face the real threats facing us in a realistic manner? We must elect people to office who will not drag us down , both economically and politically, with the result of making us a carbon (no pun intended) copy of  third world disaster cases like Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and most of the African nations and Muslim nations.  You must vote Republican and re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 to save our republic and our sanity.

Let’s not continue following the Karl Marx playbook  –  free enterprise capitalism is the prescription for success not the tired failures of the tenets of Marxism as espoused by the Democrats. Climate change is just a smokescreen to undermine our capitalistic free enterprise system. Don’t fall for it.

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