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And Now We Have The “Gay Mafia”

In the lead up to the latest Supreme Court decision on whether to legalize gay marriage nationally, this harassment and the instituting of boycotts had already put some small businesses out of business. File Photo: Pixabay.

DELRAY BEACH, FL –  First we had organized crime, then we had the Italian Mafia, the Russian Mafia, today the Mexican drug cartels, and then other assorted ethnic mafia’s, but now we have a new player on the scene, the “Gay Mafia”, whose main goal in life is to promote the gay agenda and lifestyle, and to destroy all who oppose it. These are the same people, who for years, have pleaded for tolerance of their gay lifestyle, but by their actions, over the past few years, they have become very intolerant of those who oppose their gay agenda.

With the help of the liberal media, liberal academia, and left-wing politicians, the militant gay population (the “Gay Mafia”) has raised its ugly head to punish all who oppose the gay lifestyle choices. They verbally harass people of faith who oppose gay marriage, desecrate their symbols, they demand the firing of people who promote “traditional marriage” and traditional lifestyles, they mock people of faith with in your face tactics of disrespect, and they organize boycotts of businesses run by people who do not adhere to the “gay orthodoxy” (what they tried to do to Chick-fil-A, which failed).

In the lead up to the latest Supreme Court decision on whether to legalize gay marriage nationally, this harassment and the instituting of boycotts had already put some small businesses out of business. How UN-American is that?

Of course, the people who generally believe in our time-honored traditions, have, for the most part, idly sat by while a lot of this behavior was happening without putting up a fight. The method used by this “Gay Mafia” is to single out and demonize certain individuals and businesses by using the terms like bigot and homophobia to bring shame upon them. This tactic is similar to what the “race hustlers” (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) use by calling their opponents (enemies in their eyes), racists. The onslaught is very rapid and direct and the main stream news media generally plays up these views and personal attacks as a means of shaming those “offenders” to comply with their demands.

Just recently, many politicians have been cowered into complying with the demands of the “Gay Mafia” because they wanted to get elected or re-elected to political office (both Obama and Hillary changed their views in 2008 on gay marriage for political reasons). Even though the gay population is only about 3% of the total population, they have an enormous amount of money to divvy out (the gay community is one of the richest communities in the country), and with which to buy influence in the media and among politicians.

The gay marriage decision by the Supreme Court has given the “Gay Mafia” more incentive now to extend their crusade to tearing down organized religion, a major roadblock in getting the gay agenda fully accepted in society. I firmly believe that gay marriage was not the main thrust of the militant gays, it was just the foot in the door tactic of trying to get the general public (the majority straight population) to accept as normal their abnormal lifestyle. Little by little they are succeeding in their efforts.

The only chance we, non-gay people, can fight back against this attack on our culture and traditional values, is by electing politicians who believe that many of our values and traditions should remain and not thrown aside by the actions of a vocal and militant few (I call that the “tyranny of the minority”). We must re- elect a president in 2020, Donald Trump, who will not fold like a cheap camera, like our former president, Barack Obama, had done on quite a few occasions, and that he/she will adhere to the Constitution, and who will fight to not transform our country into a Marxist/Socialist hellhole, and that goes for the presumptive Democrat candidates for the 2020 election, as they all seem to be acolytes of the radical Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals”. Which ever one wins the Democrat nomination, he/she must be defeated.

We must confront and fight the “Gay Mafia”, or the America as we know it, will not exist for our children and grandchildren. We can’t afford to sit idly by anymore.

God bless the USA!

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