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Are You a Climate Change Heretic?

Heretic is a word commonly used to identify people who disagree with an organized religion. Some have determined that the advocates of global warming are really a religion cloaked in the feel-good term called climate change. File photo: Pixabay.

DELRAY BEACH, FL –  To my friends and neighbors in Delray Beach, “Are you a climate change heretic”? You are a “heretic” if you are a person who disagrees with established beliefs or customs. It is a word commonly used to identify people who disagree with an organized religion. Those people are also sometimes called “deniers”.

In the case of “climate change” (a/k/a global warming), the people who challenge the theory of man-made global warming are also called “deniers” just like the people who disavow the tenets of a particular religion.  Therefore, some have determined that the advocates of global warming are really a “religion” cloaked in the feel-good term called “climate change”. If you disagree with their fanatical climate change theory, you become an “apostate (definition: a person who forsakes his religion, cause, or party etc.) in that environmental religion.

Our past leaders, including ex- President Obama and the vast majority of present-day Democrats, are leading the charge in propagating and propagandizing the theory of man-made global warming, and Obama, as president, had even called it one of the greatest threats to civilization, not Islamic terrorism, but man-made global warming. The world wide climate conference that was held in Europe a couple of years ago, was a showcase for all the misguided countries and leaders who have fallen for this unscientific theory. Science is never settled, even if Al Gore decrees it.

The theory of man-made global warming is not only a form of a religion, it is also a political weapon. In an issue of Newsweek, the cover story was entitled “Global Warming is a Hoax”. But, contrary to the cover headline, the following story in the article was a pro-global warming piece that tried to discredit the global warming “deniers”. There can and should be pointed out that thousands of researchers, scientists, and scholars have weighed in on the side of truth, and even professional mathematicians have joined the “deniers” by stating that there hasn’t been any appreciable global warming during the past 19 years. We have reached the point where any person of intelligence can see through the “LIE” that most scientists agree that anthropomorphic global warming is real.


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The question we should always ask ourselves as to why some scientists still support the hoax is that they are almost all entirely employed by governments or by institutions that depend on government funding through grants. That is, by itself, is a dead give-away that there is something very political about this whole thing bordering on a religious aspect. The old saying, “follow the money” certainly applies in this case.

The “environmental wacko’s” use the tactics of “doom and gloom” to frighten us into thinking that our planet, our way of life, our very survival is being threatened by an excess amount of CO2 in our atmosphere caused by the burning of fossil fuels. These fanatics never mention the fact that CO2 is a plant and tree food or that living people exhale CO2 every time we breathe out. Also, they never mention that the greatest “pollutant” in our atmosphere is actually water vapor and volcanic eruptions. Of course, they wouldn’t mention that as it would undermine their livelihoods and in having grant money dry up to continue their vendetta against our capitalistic free enterprise system, which successful countries, like the U.S.A., live under. 

Some of the prominent “heretics and deniers” of man-made global warming include, Dr Richard Lindzen, meteorologist and Alfred P. Sloan professor of meteorology and climatology at M.I.T.; Dr. Timothy Ball, former meteorology professor at the Univ. of Winnepeg; and the late John Coleman, meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channel, who had called man-made global warming “the biggest scientific scam in history”. They all pooh-pooh the so-called flawed data of the U.N. sponsored I.P.C.C., who were caught “cooking the books” a few years back in order to prove the bogus theory of man-made theory of global warming.

So yes, myself and many others can erroneously be considered “heretics(and deniers) with pride, not against formal religions, but against the “religion” of man-made global warming (a/k/a climate change).

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