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President Has No Policy Against Immigration, Problem Is “Illegal” Immigration; Migrants Illegally Here Are In Violation of Law

The President has no policy against immigrants, but simply is correctly detaining migrants who are illegally here and in violation of our laws and system.

BAYSIDE, NY – Most know there has been no shortage of criticism of the President on his alleged immigration policy. According to a recent article titled Cities Join Worldwide Vigils to Spotlight Trump Immigration Policies.” it was reported by a fellow journalist that people in more than 600 cities across five continents are holding vigils to protest the Trump immigration policies and to call for an end to migrant detention. These rallies, the article reports, are a response to reports of inhumane conditions and family separations.

Let me first state that as a Christian I have every concern for all persons as created in the image of God and loved and saved by Christ who died for all humanity. Of course, I have concern for any suffering of anyone including all migrants. The article, however, somewhat misses the truth of the issue and in fact is misleading. The President has no ‘policy against immigrants,’ but simply is correctly detaining migrants who are illegally here and in violation of our laws and system. Families may be separated since young children with illegal status cannot be detained in adult holding facilities, and, in addition, these so-called families may not be families at all but pawns brought over the border illegally as children of adults who may not be related to the adults illegally here in the first place.

In sum, the President, in detaining migrants illegally here, is rightly enforcing the law. If these migrants wish to come to our country, there are legal routes and mechanisms readily available as there always have been for the past 150 years. The President has no “anti-immigrant immigration policy” here but merely seeks to detain and deport those who seek entrance and residence in our society by illegal manipulation. This article insofar as it has an approach to this issue lacks honesty and fails to state that the issue is not immigration but illegal immigration and the violation of law. Our country is built on the rule of law and adherence to and obedience to the law, not allowing wholesale illegal actions and law violations by those who seek to fool us to think they have the right to do this and to be here at all.

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