Whom to Support: Laura Loomer Or Victor Garcia Da Rosa For The 21st Congressional District Of Florida?

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Widely regarded as a far-right agitator and activist, Laura Loomer, registered as a Republican, announced her candidacy for Florida’s 21st Congressional District on Friday. Republican candidate Victor Garcia da Rosa declared his candidacy in May. The general election is on November 3, 2020. Photo credit: C-SPAN/YouTube.

HOLLYWOOD, FL – Between Victor Garcia da Rosa and Laura Loomer, whom should you support for Congress in the 21st Congressional District of Florida? Both of them, I would say, have admirable qualities, and both are great communicators.

What it boils down to, in my opinion, is their views on Socialism, Islamofascism, and the need to eradicate both of those sociospiritual cancers from free society.

The decision about whom to support will depend in part on determining which of them eschews political correctness, but instead clearly and correctly evaluates the constitutional requirement of eliminating proponents of both of those prohibited ideologies from government, law enforcement, public education, and other institutions where their subversive activities undermine the higher principles and functioning of free society.

The law is clear. We have no one in authority who is willing to enforce constitutional law. What is unclear is which of our candidates would have the willingness to insist upon enforcing the law, and which would perhaps fold due to lack of backbone, clarity, or integrity.

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Our candidates at all levels and in all branches of government must be clear about the real dangers and the agendas of the enemies we face; and about the requirements of constitutional law with regard to them; and must be bold, persistent, and unwavering with respect to enforcement of constitutional law.

Some continue to refer to “political opponents,” at a time when politics seem practically to be a process of the past, while the current process more closely resembles war, since evidence supports that national destruction appears to be the agenda of so many who hold or seek public office today.

We have no time to tolerate political correctness or inaptitude of candidates whose aspirations fail to include a focused understanding of these issues and a determination to deal with them according to the dire needs of the country, at a time when its enemies collaborate to achieve its demise by sabotaging it from within its institutions.

I hope that both Victor and Laura, and the rest of our candidates for Congress, for posts in law enforcement, for school boards, and for all public offices, will speak with clarity about the enemy we must defeat. 

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