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Article 1, Section 3: Religious Freedom Shall Not Justify Practices Inconsistent With Public Morals, Peace, Or Safety

Hundreds of protesters seen opposing the building of a Islamic center near Ground Zero in New York City’s financial district in 2010. At the time, Newt Gingrich had called sharia a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it. Photo credit: Ann Hermes / The Christian Science Monitor

HOLLYWOOD, FL – Lack of comprehension about the full implications of Sharia is what leads otherwise intelligent people to claim that adherents to Sharia have a right, protected by the Constitution, to practice Islam.

“Otherwise intelligent people,” in this context, refers not to those who promote Sharia, while having full knowledge of its essentially fascistic, genocidal, and deeply perverse nature, but to those well meaning but completely ignorant people, who want all to enjoy a right, but who ignore that fact that Sharia authorizes its adherents to practice every form of atrocity and abomination that the subhuman mind is capable of imagining.

In fact, no one on Earth, in any nation, has any right whatsoever to practice Sharia, since practice of Sharia involves total suppression of every right, total barbarity, total massacre, total perversion, and total madness.

That being said, certain exaggeratedly libertarian, sophomoric thinkers might still argue that free adults do have such a bizarre right, a right to choose to descend into a totally subhuman state, such as one finds in maximum security psychiatric facilities. That idea would be ludicrous, as no one has a right to abuse anyone.

But even if we accepted that offensively stupid suggestion, we are still left with the questions: What about the children? Are we actually going to agree that adherents to Sharia have, in addition to a right to practice Sharia, also a right to indoctrinate children in the diabolic ideology?

No one has any right to abuse anyone. No one is authorized to instruct children that commission of crimes, atrocities, perversions, and abominations is good and right. Not even their own children.

No one is authorized, for example to show children pornographic material, or to take them to see X-rated movies, or to touch them inappropriately.

Yet the tenets of Sharia permit old men to marry little girls, to rape non-Muslim women, to own as many sexual slaves as they desire, to beat their wives, to mutilate the genitals of females, and other unmentionable acts. Would you think that teaching these things to children, as though these acts were good and right, were somehow acceptable, just because some madman from the 7th Century claimed to be a prophet bringing divine revelation?

The thing about teaching children to accept as good and right the tenets of Sharia is that it’s insane, unlawful, outlandish, and ghoulish. It is wrong. It is very, very wrong. And yet we permit it to take place in thousands of institutions and in hundreds of thousands of homes across America.

It is very wrong. It is also a criminal act involving several kinds of crime. It is unacceptable, sickening, and shameful.

The Constitution of the State of Florida and Florida Statutes clarify that such ideologies as this are not to be tolerated. For example, the Constitution, in Article l, Section 3, states clearly and succinctly:

“Religious freedom shall not justify practices inconsistent with public morals, peace, or safety.”

Regarding Sharia, hardly any of the practices authorized by it are consistent with public morals, peace, or safety.

There is more to say, more disgusting detail to be explained, and more to explain about the law. But for now, this has been as much as this author could stomach. Please share this.

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