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Learn To Discern. It’s Good To Think. Don’t Be Misled

Deception and the intentional or unwitting propagation of falsehood is nothing new. From the moment when Satan deceived Eve into believing that mankind could be like God, right up till today’s 6 o’clock news report, it has not stopped. File photo: Pixabay.

HOLLYWOOD, FL – So much information flies back and forth. Some is empirically notable or relatively simple to grasp. More is interpreted for us by those who hope that we will embrace their version of reality.

Of those who wish us to accept their version, while not all have a sinister agenda, some who are sincerely true believers in what they convey are as misguided as the day is long. So while some intend to mislead you, in order to advance a nefarious agenda, others mislead you unwittingly, whose intentions were laudable.

Some of their stories are more readily analyzed than others. Some are more complex, requiring more careful attention. It might be thought of in the same light (or darkness) as the literary method known as magical realism, which utilizes a plethora of detail to enhance the credibility of fictitious constructs. It can be quite entertaining when employed in literature. But when employed by propagandists to bend populations to their will, it can be quite deadly.

The Media professionals who, as certain evidence reveals, tend to offer up doses of questionable facts, prepackaged by anonymous sources that deliver reports with strikingly identical phraseology to multiple points of delivery, seem to have earned the label once coined for them by Gerald Celente (publisher of the Trends Journal), who refers to unscrupulous reporters as “presstitutes,” a term referring to reporters who skew news and commentary in support of certain agendas. It may be thought of in the same spirit as the term “mercenary,” or “prostitute,” or perhaps “pond scum.

So much information can seem perplexing. It helps to know not only what you are being told but the background, associations, and purposes of those feeding you the information. Marxists, Islamofascists, globalists, nihilists, anarchists, and other kinds of sociopaths should be held in suspicion, as should their paid servants in government and the Media, in public schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions infected with the adoration of deception.

But one must be equally concerned with information brought by friends, associates, and anyone who seems sincere. Churches and other religious organizations, for example, are places in which one finds teachers who offer various doctrines and explanations of apparently godly things that, in reality, contradict the teachings found in the Bible that they claim to respect. It can get messy, however, when bringing biblical truth to their attention.

Deception and the intentional or unwitting propagation of falsehood is nothing new. From the moment when Satan deceived Eve into believing that mankind could be like God, right up till today’s 6 o’clock news report, it has not stopped. Some only want your money. Some want your support. Some want to abuse you in some way. And some want your eternal soul to be damned.

Don’t be misled. You might not believe in God, Hell, or eternal destiny. But even if you do not, you are still subject to the consequences of permitting presstitutes, globalists, and other false teachers to deceive, defraud, abuse, enslave, and corrupt you. It is best to use the brain in your fragile skull to accurately process the questionable information they foist on you. Or you could just agree that humanity will be extinct in 12 years, even though the United Nations wants to implement a one-world government within 12 years.

And when it comes to rights and freedom, understand that many of those who today defraud and deceive you do so to advance some agenda, of one flavor or another, designed to put an end to your rights and freedom. Some pigs in a blanket of right-seeming facade today intentionally distort irrefutable facts concerning the Constitution, fully intending to undo the supreme law of the land. If you examine the facts closely for yourself, you will find this to be the case.

Do not be misled. Respect yourself and respect the truth. Regardless of whatever you honestly believe to be true, do not allow a deceived or a deceptive individual to fill your head and heart with unsubstantiated or clearly false nonsense. Use your intellect to examine everything before embracing intellectual tripe. Think. Inquire. Examine. Discern. Reject falsehood.

God bless you and grant you clear vision in this age of mass deception. 

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