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How Should A Constitutional Sheriff Respond To The Unconstitutional Legislation Of Corrupt Legislators Like South Florida’s Gary Farmer?

South Florida’s State Senator Gary Farmer on CBS4 Miami with Jim DeFede discussing Governor Ron DeSantis’ latest moves just weeks into his new administration; January 2019. Photo credit: CBS Miami / YouTube.

HOLLYWOOD, FL – During the protests that took place last November, just outside the offices of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections in Lauderhill, Florida, State Senator Gary Farmer made a succinct statement that defied reality, saying, “Militias are illegal.” He was immediately challenged by a bystander, who demanded he show some law that criminalizes militias. At which point Farmer collapsed into stunned silence.

Militias are not illegal. So we are left having to evaluate whether Farmer knows this fact, and to speculate on whether he made the statement in ignorance, being deceived about reality, or whether he made it with deceptive intent, hoping to advance an agenda of some sort by convincing others that a falsehood is true.

Farmer was, of course, among the majority of members of the Florida Legislature who voted in March 2018 to pass unconstitutional legislation that unlawfully infringes the unalienable right of young adults to bear arms. So we can see that he has displayed a disregard for the Constitution and for individual rights. 

Farmer seems to prioritize his personal preferences, as well as his own understanding of the needs of the public, over the dictates of the law and the inviolable nature of individual rights… a decidedly tyrannical trait.

Farmer was quoted in March 2018 by the New York Times as saying, “Every constitutional right that we hold dear has a limitation.” In terms of raw reality, it could be argued that most things have a limitation. But in terms of rights, part of the problem is that tyrannical quislings like Farmer wish to infringe that which law protects as not being subject to infringement.

Equally of interest is Farmer’s current legislative activity. He wants to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He is sure that the result of doing so would be to increase public safety. But once again, either he is simply ignoring reality in order to advance an agenda, or he means to deceive others in order to advance an agenda.

Farmer, like every elected and appointed official across America, took the oath of office, swearing to support and defend the Constitution. And Farmer, like so many elected and appointed officials across the nation, spits on the oath, while pushing for unconstitutional legislation that clearly contradicts constitutional law, seeking to infringe rights acknowledged by the Constitution as those which may not be infringed or abridged.

Such unlawful activity has become commonplace. Such unlawful attitudes have become the norm. And yet no one in authority has shown a willingness to enforce constitutional law.

County sheriffs are law enforcement officials, whose primary responsibility, per statute, is to detect and prevent crime (refer to Chapter 943 of Florida Statutes). They could focus their efforts in that regard on whomever is violating the law. They could bring charges against corrupt officials like Gary Farmer, who violate the law by promoting infringement of rights, while committing fraud to achieve their ends.

In the case of federal officials, it is a crime, per se, according to federal law, to violate the oath of office. So any federal official could face charges for doing so. But in the case of officials who are not federal, violation of the oath of office always involves some specific acts classified as criminal under some law. Prosecution, therefore, depends on the political will of whoever in authority has power to bring charges against corrupt officials. 

It might be argued that such deceptive men as Farmer proceed in ignorance that results in unintended deception of others regarding law and rights. But that argument would be unsupported, as the actual facts have been presented to him, which he rejects in favor of that which supports his unconstitutional agenda. His is an intentionally deceptive methodology.

A constitutional sheriff, in keeping with his oath of office, and in line with his statutory responsibilities, reasonably should bring charges against such corrupt officials as Farmer. But we lack anyone in authority who has the will to enforce constitutional law.

Every county must elect people with the will to serve as sheriffs and state attorneys, in order to restore rule of constitutional law across America. 

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