Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tackles “Immigration” Issues During Queens Visit

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Elmhurst Queens on June 24, 2019, with Congresswoman Grace Meng to talk about immigration after the Trump administration delayed a nationwide effort to deport undocumented immigrants. File photo: C-SPAN.

BAYSIDE, NY – According to the Queens Courier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Elmhurst, Queens with Congresswoman Grace Meng June 24, to talk about immigration after the Trump Administration delayed a nationwide effort to depot undocumented immigrants. The conversation revolved around a bill to establish a pathway to citizenship for “Dreamers.”

The conversation also revolved around the states [New York] response to the Supreme Court decision on the citizenship question in the census. One of the panelists, Mr. Choi, Director of the New York Immigration Coalition, was dismayed with an amendment that would block Dreamers from getting legal status if they had gang ties. Let’s take a look at the erroneous thinking and misleading verbiage used in this article and reported.

First, the issue is not an “immigration issue” but the issue is persons illegally here and manipulating and convincing US citizens of the truth and validity of their right to be here at all. The term “undocumented” is false and misleading since the reality is that these individuals do not lack documents to establish the legality of their presence but that they are illegally here. They are in and have been in violation of the law.

As for the bill allowing a pathway for the Dreamers to obtain legal citizenship, this too is misleading since “Dreamers” and their parents are both illegally here and they have no right to be here on that basis.

Citizenship is gained through a legal process long available to Dreamers and their parents but they chose not to become citizens through legal methods and pathways. They have no right to be given citizenship since they have both been long in violation of the law on this issue and took no action to correct it.

As for the census question, its appropriateness is beyond doubt since the government has every right in the census to reach a proper count of citizens and determine who is not and who is here – legally. Finally, the question as to gang membership is highly appropriate given the reality of gang ties which have resulted in murder and death associated with gang membership.

These issues reveal the completely bizarre thinking and verbiage used by the Democratic Party to justify their policies on immigration. Again the mistaken politics are not on “immigration” but on “illegal immigrants” who deserve legal action with respect to their illegal status.

In an article dated June 22, 2019, on the front page of The New York Times, there was a report on the legislative work of the progressives, which included granting undocumented immigrants drivers licenses. Again, the action and wording is misleading and false. These immigrants are illegally here and the term “undocumented” is frankly a lie. Second, there is no reason to give driving privileges to one illegally here and I can think of no reason other than to manipulate the system to allow them to gain voting rights which are a “citizenship privilege” and those illegally here have no right to vote by means of some sort of license to provide documentation for that purpose. There is nothing progressive in this action but it is simply illegal and wrong. In fact, in a part of the article, the lawmakers traded stories of growing up undocumented, an outrageous report of persons in our legislature admitting their illegal status. There is nothing progressive about anything reported here. (Just as abortion, which is the murder and killing of innocents, is called “progressive” when it in fact is nothing but backward). Additionally, there was a bill to limit immigration enforcement at courthouses, an intellectual joke where the government properly seeks the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants.

In that June 27, 2019 New York Times piece, there is a similar story on the progressive revolution in New Jersey. The term constantly used, i.e. “progressive,” is a term that is false and misleading. There is nothing progressive in granting licenses to persons illegal so that they can vote. There is nothing progressive in granting citizenship to persons illegally here. The use of the term “undocumented” is equally false, hiding the issue of illegality and the enforcement of the law with respect to persons with illegal status. There is nothing progressive in the murder of innocents and it is not backward to oppose it and in reality the pro-life position is the most advanced ethical position, placing a value on all humanity and human beings from the beginning to the point of death. I suggest the Democratic Party and the left-wing journalists at least rethink its terminology and look at the truth and facts of their policies

In the Bayside Times, a local Queens county newspaper, two articles spoke on these issues. The first was entitledFight for 2020 Census,by Bill Parry; with the second entitled Officials hail SCOTUS Census Division,” also by Bill Parry. The first article stated that it was important for the immigrant communities to get counted and get funding for education, hospitals, and transportation. The article reported that some community groups opposed the question for fear it would scare members of the Asian community from participating.

The entire argument and position taken here is essentially bogus, false, and dishonest. The issue is not the rights of the immigrant communities but that illegal immigrants should be counted at all in the census and should be entitled to and given help such as hospitals, transportation, and education. The question is completely appropriate as sifting those persons illegally here and using and manipulating our system to obtain the benefits that are mentioned in the article. Persons illegally here have no right to be here or to be counted with our hardworking citizens in the census. In truth and reality, their illegal status is properly found out by this question and that status will be addressed with appropriate legal action and most certainly their illegal status should not gain them funding for the things mentioned in the article. The article is and proposes an intellectual travesty making effective fools of those who choose to believe these arguments. There is nothing good about the endorsement of law violation which this article proposes and suggests to be a good thing. The violation of our legal system and allowing and endorsing this has nothing good connected with it and is in fact quite bad and evil.

As far as the second article, it was reported that Queens lawmakers applauded the decision of the United States Supreme Court blocking the President’s attempt to put a citizenship question on the census to begin with. Congresswoman Maloney argued that the question would lead immigrant families to not filling out the form, leading to an under-count. The argument of Ms. Maloney is again misleading and false. The issue is not what legal immigrant families would or might do but that illegal immigrants would be scared and there would be an under-count and there would be a huge loss of money for life saving programs. One in violation of the law and who is illegally here has no right to be counted in the census at all; should possibly be subject to legal action; and should set about to come here legally and obtain citizenship through proper legal avenues as thousands have done in the past hundreds of years.

Programs and funding are for “our” citizens black, Latino, Asian and Caucasian struggling and in the circumstances of poverty and are not for those who seek to manipulate our system through illegality and illegal action. Ms. Maloney stated the question was to disenfranchise voters across the country. This congresswoman fails to address the question of illegal immigrants having the right to vote at all which it is quite obvious they should not. Voting is the right and privilege of our “citizens” and not a right obtained by some sort of rigging and begging and evading; the clear fact is that a person illegally present in this country certainly has no right to vote. Illegals cannot as a matter of logic be and constitute a disenfranchised voter. I welcome any and all comments in response to these opinions.

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