Lawlessness & Sharia In Broward County Reflects Lawlessness Nationwide

South Florida Muslim Federation (SFMF) Executive Director Nezar Hamze is also an armed public servant, a Deputy Sheriff of Broward County. Hamze’s SFMF has been said to be an umbrella group for a number of Islamic organizations in Florida. Photo: ABC News.

HOLLYWOOD, FL – Russell DiPerna, Executive Officer of the Sheriff under disgraced ex-Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, has consistently expressed that removing Deputy Nezar Hamze from the Broward Sheriff’s Office would be difficult, given the likelihood that such an action would meet with opposition from the deputies’ union, and perhaps a lawsuit. Nezar Hamze happens to be Muslim.

But who really is Nezar Hamze? What has he done? Why would removing him from BSO be called for? Why, in fact, is removing him not only called for but obligatory, required by law? Who in authority knows that this is the case? What has been their attitude with respect to the facts, the law, and their duty in that regard? If it is their duty to remove Hamze, why haven’t they done so? And what could be the potential impact of allowing Hamze to continue to be employed as a Broward County sheriff’s deputy?

Hamze has occupied various positions of leadership within CAIR Florida (of the Council on American Islamic Relations), and recently shifted to become director of SFMF (South Florida Muslim Foundation). In 2013, against the advice of three majors of the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Hamze was hired as a deputy by ex-Sheriff Scott Israel (who is again running for that office, despite having been removed for good cause on January 11, 2019 by Governor Ron DeSantis).

Hamze, as a director of these organizations, engages in the promotion of Sharia, which is Islamic law derived mainly from the three principle sacred texts of Islam. Sharia authorizes adherents to it to commit a wide variety of acts that are classified under American law as felonies. (This is completely factual, though widely ignored in America.) Sharia is without question or exaggeration the antithesis to American law, norms, and all principles upon which operate nations wishing to be civilized.


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As a promoter of Sharia, Hamze has also revealed that he is unwilling to renounce or denounce Sharia. (Email interchanges with him serve as evidence of this assertion, as well.) Since Hamze firmly adheres to Sharia, there can exist no doubt that he does not support and defend the Constitution of the United States, as it is simply not possible to support and defend both the Constitution and Sharia simultaneously, since they are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive. Why is this significant?

In America, according to law, no one may lawfully hold any public office, including that of an official of law enforcement, unless they take the oath to support and defend the Constitution. Every candidate or appointee must take the oath honestly, without perjury, and without reservation, in order to lawfully hold office. It is the law.

Hamze, on the other hand, committed perjury on taking the oath, evidenced by his refusal to renounce Sharia, which he routinely supports as part of his duties as a director of a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate. Hamze is legally ineligible, therefore, to hold any public office in America.

With regard to the Sharia that Hamze supports and defends, there is really so much more that should be said, and much that remains generally not understood by Americans, many of who do not realize that America is at war with Islam, despite the fact that American officials refuse to acknowledge that war, which is not always fought with conventional weapons or tactics.

For clarification, CAIR was founded by members of related organizations, including Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR’s Execeutive Director Nihad Awad is openly supportive of Hamas. Hamas is self-defined in its charter as a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. And as it happens, the Muslim Brotherhood declared war against America, with the explicit objective of destroying America, as explained in its publication titled “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” which document was discovered during a raid by the FBI in 1991. In 2017, the Muslim Brotherhood declared America to be an enemy state.

Hamze, essentially, is a jihadi warrior for the spread of the worldwide Islamic caliphate, who masquerades as an official of law enforcement, while seeking to undermine and subvert American laws, norms, principles, and the free society he would destroy. But he is also a terrorist.

According to the investigative journalism of Joe Kaufman, Hamze has also engaged in raising funds for terrorism, in collaboration with other members of groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, such as CAIR, Emgage, and others. Why is this significant?

The act of giving material aid to self-defined enemies of the nation, who have clarified their intention to destroy it, constitutes treason, according to the both the Constitution of the the United States and to that of the state of Florida. According to the Constitution, no one may hold public office who is a traitor, as is Hamze.

Treason is nothing new within the ranks of CAIR, which was named by federal officials, in about 2008, as a coconspirator in the largest case in American history involving raising funds for terrorists. Hamze’s more recent and perhaps less lucrative efforts to raise funds for terrorists might seem less egregious, though we do not keep daily tabs on his efforts in that regard. And without question, one who supports terrorism is a terrorist.

There are other crimes that Hamze has committed, on some of which others have reported previously. But one interesting crime of his was the commission of two counts of perjury, while testifying a couple of years ago in Broward Circuit Court. Irrefutable documentary evidence of those felonies was delivered at his request to Assistant State Attorney Tim Donnelly, who has charge of the Public Corruption Unit of the Broward State Attorney’s Office. But more than a year later no action has been taken on the evidence.

Inaction with regard to all of these matters has been the norm. From at least 2015 on, the ex-governor and ex-attorney general of Florida began to receive detailed reports about Hamze, about his crimes, and about his unlawful employment as a Broward deputy. Reports and complaints were also received by literally hundreds of other officials at all levels who had jurisdiction in or over Broward County. The state attorney, the attorney general, the sheriff, FDLE, Internal Affairs, and every other official and agency has stood down, has been unresponsive, has gone along to get along, and remain in breach of duty and misprision of treason, as well as other crimes. The new governor has not responded. The new sheriff, Gregory Tony, seems to be as opposed to constitutional law as Scott Israel.

Allowing Hamze and others like him to hold office, in opposition to law, provides a gateway for self-defined enemies of America, and of freedom, to advance the nefarious interests of their debased ideology, which involves infiltration into American institutions, for the express purpose of destroying them. Why do our officials permit this to persist? One may speculate, but none of the possible answers justifies allowing the lawlessness to be perpetuated.

Many Sharia-adherent individuals now hold office in America, while many more are being encouraged to do so by Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, who hope to transform America into a place where the Constitution and freedom are things of the past, eradicated by Islam, to be replaced by Sharia, under which no non-Muslim is free.

Western Europe is more advanced along the road to destruction by Islam. Tommy Robinson, a courageous anti-Sharia activist, was just last week imprisoned in Britain in connection with his years of exposing Islamic rape gangs that have ruined the lives of tens or hundreds of thousands of British women, which barbaric behavior is authorized for Muslim men under Sharia.

For those who think that such horrors could not occur in America, they have already begun. Hamtramck and Dearborn, Michigan are two cities already experiencing significant transformation due to Islamic influence. (Refer to videos on YouTube.) And recently, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, gangs of Muslims from Somalia have terrorized commuters with pipes and hammers on public transportation. It has begun.

America could still act in the interests of its people to conserve its laws, values, norms, and freedom. Or it could choose instead to remain politically correct and cowardly, soon to become enslaved by the horrors of Sharia, those now promoted by invaders such as Nezar Hamze.

[There are various excellent sources available for those wishing to understand the dark implications of Sharia for America and for all of non-Muslim civilization. For a great, rational introduction, read the concise “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims” by Bill Warner, whose videos also may be viewed on YouTube.]

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