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Reality Now In Danger Of Extinction In America

Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Photo credit: Brice Engle, 2018.

HOLLYWOOD, FL – I was “admitted” into Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida in September 2018 for what ended up as cholecystectomy, the surgical removal of my gall bladder. (I shall never have another gall stone, though I do not lack gall.)

Why put admitted between quotation marks? Because being admitted into the hospital, you see, no longer means what ordinary people think it to mean. It now means “admitted,” not admitted.

I’m really not just trying to be clever or ambiguous. The story now unfolding has in large part to do with intentional ambiguity, fraud, that is being unleashed on America, by Americans and non-Americans, who collude in a grand strategy to undermine, sabotage, subvert, and destroy America.

The fraud is being carried out in various venues and in various ways, about some of which you already have knowledge. This report will cover a variety of those ways, to be covered in a series of columns, as in order to do this subject justice, much careful research must be done to substantiate the allegations made as fully as possible. 

It is time to blow the whistle on every fraudulent thief, embezzler, extortioner, traitor, corrupter of children and weak minded adults, deceiver, distorter of justice, supporter of self-defined enemies of America, traffickers of children, drugs, and guns for wrongdoers, and other miscreant who engages in one kind of fraud or another for self-enrichment, to obtain power, to aid corrupt people to advance corrupt purposes, to do what is treacherous, abusive, destructive, and in violation of law and every good principle.

This fraud has become a plague, an epidemic, affecting all of America, participated in by public officials in the three branches of government, in law enforcement, in public education, in colleges and universities, in big business, medicine, Big Pharma, the Mainstream Media, and now in hospital administrations that collaborate with Medicare and government.
They do this in order to rob Americans, to enrich themselves, to promote the general plan of deceiving Americans and distorting their souls, values, and ability to reason, and to create a groundwork on which America’s future must be the inevitable transformation into something akin to George Orwell’s mad Dystopia, but on the Steroids of progressive liberal nihilistic Marxist Islamofascist ideals.

The fix is in. Laws are being written to legitimize official deception designed to facilitate the redefining of reality according to the predilections of madmen. 

And it has come to the halls of hospital administrations who now, now, today, with straight faces tell you that when you have been received into hospital facilities, kept there for several days, during which you were placed on an operating table where your gall bladder was surgically removed, you were never admitted. In fact, according to law, they say, you were an outpatient, under observation, not admitted, and that all of this deranged fantasy is irrefutably true because the laws of Medicare so stipulate, establish, and confirm. 

A hospital social worker assured me of all of this just today, arguing that, since law so stipulates, that such is reality, of course. She was a personable little thing for someone so deceived and given to parroting deranged conclusions that nothing of sense could possibly support. But she is merely a single element in a sea of millions like her who are capable of perpetuating whatever deception their slave-masters prefer and ordain, which is what today has filled America with every kind of corruption that Stephen King could ever hope to pack into his most repulsively horrific fiction.

This is just an introduction. As new research brings the details to light, more reporting will bring to you the sick details of our corrupt countrymen and their corrupt cronies from abroad.

I wrote this today because today I am again in the hospital, where that social worker, mentioned above, asked me to sign a form stating that I understand and agree with the official policy defining my stay here as that of an outpatient, despite the fact that I was allowed entry, treated, and cured in the hospital of at least the most immediate life-threatening condition I had, all after having come into the hospital through the emergency room and subsequently being assigned a room on the second floor, where I remained while all of the above was taking place. 

Although reality shows that the above-mentioned series of facts describes what has always until very recently been understood to have described being admitted to the hospital, new Medicare laws establish that the new reality is that I was not admitted, not an inpatient, and not eligible, therefore, to enjoy the benefits of an inpatient for which I pay monthly premiums, at least, according to Memorial Hospital.

The monetary abuse is, of course, intolerable. But the even greater offense has to do with governments, and other institutions, taking on powers not delegated by so bizarrely and arrogantly usurping the power to redefine reality, facts, truths, meanings of words and concepts, purposes, and whatever else they find convenient to redefine. 

This is certainly not a new trick. It has even been done before in America on many occasions. But it has become an epidemic. After all, if the Supreme Court of the United States can do it, why not you, too?

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