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Robbin’ the Hoods: Taking from the Rich to Help the Poor Doesn’t Actually Work Like “Do-Gooders” Propose

Back in 1964, President Lyndon Johnson, a segregationist in his past, tried to atone for his views by passing the so-called “War on Poverty”, which was mainly geared to helping minorities. File photo: Pixabay.

DELRAY BEACH –  The real tale of “Robin Hood” was supposed to deify the taking of wealth from the rich and giving it to the poor. Well, we have a similar situation in play today, it is called “Robbin the Hoods” (the hoods could include black, brown, white, yellow etc. people who live in those neighborhoods).

Back in 1964, President Lyndon Johnson, a segregationist in his past, tried to atone for his views by passing the so-called “War on Poverty”, which was mainly geared to helping minorities, especially the blacks. Well, how has that piece of do-good legislation worked out since the passage of those laws? We’ve spent over $16 trillion since the passage, and things really haven’t changed that much, in fact, some things have gotten worse. The poverty rate has barely budged, an entrenched government bureaucracy has arisen (like in the countries of Portugal and Greece – two welfare basket cases), and making people increasingly dependent on government handouts.

Prior to the passage of the “War on Poverty”, the out-of-wedlock births in our country was around 10%. Today in 2019, the out-of-wedlock births are around 40%, and in the black community it is around 70%. This was a result of the law saying that “welfare benefits” would be greater to the birth mother if there was “no man in the house” (a/k/a father or male role model). This was one of the major negative drawbacks of the law that was supposed to be an aid to poor people, but it has actually made the people poorer. You could say that the law instead of being like “Robin Hood” is more like “Robbin’ the Hood”.

Not only have our “good intention” laws caused havoc in many of our minority communities, it has caused havoc in our desire to handle the illegal immigration crisis we now face, with theinvasion into our country by mostly poor people, from around the world, and mainly from Central America, seeking asylum in our country. Our feckless politicians have closed their eyes (a sure case of “cognitive dissonance”) by not addressing this highly volatile problem, by not amending our laws on asylum and by not funding border enforcement including building a wall to deter illegal entry into our country. The money that we are spending to house these people; the education required to teach these children English; the medical attention needed, as many have brought in diseases that were practically non-existent into our country for many, many years; and the increase of crime that occurs (besides the crime of illegally entering our country) is causing our country much hardship. Much of that money could be used for our own citizens in the “Hoods” in the various cities and states around the country. It seems politics gets in the way of doing the right thing.

President Trump has proposed actions to curb this problem, but he is met with near “total resistance” by the Democrats who viscerally hate him since he won the election over Hillary Clinton, and therefore hate anything he proposes, even though it might be good policy for our country.

So, in conclusion, the headline of this editorial, “Robbin’ the Hoods” could be a real play on the “Robin Hood” name, as the insane notion of taking from the rich to help the poor actually doesn’t work like the “do-gooders” have proposed. The opposite has actually taken place.

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