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Palestinian Leaders Reject Kushner’s $50B “Peace to Prosperity” Plan

White House advisor, Jared Kushner, who is currently senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, the President of the United States. Photo credit: C-SPAN.

BOCA RATON – “The Palestinians are ingrates! They don’t want peace!” These words may soon be coming out of our very truthful and vocal President Trump’s sharp tongue’d mouth in response to these messed-up people’s turning down his very generous offer to them of $50 billion as part of a global investment fund tailored for them to just call it quits and finally rein in their Israel hatred and merely transform into normal human beings.

Jared Kushner, the White House Middle East advisor proposed this monetary offer plus our nation’s assistance in aiding them economically to be self sufficient and to focus on raising up the status of that people’s now primitive standard of living…and stop dying. According to unbiased experts with no ax to grind in this volatile area, all agreed that these funds and American assistance would (1) reduce the Palestinian unemployment rate, now 40%, by creating over 1 million jobs, to single digits. (2) more than double their gross domestic product and (3) cut the Palestinian poverty rate, now at 25% in half. 

But the blood-thirsty Palestinian leaders who live in luxury, turned down this offer unless it came coupled with a political solution (theirs, of course) for the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Both suicidal camps, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) rulers of the West Bank and HAMAS, the Islamic militant party that dominates the Gaza strip both dismissed this unprecedented gift that would require them to agree to cease their terrorist activities and live in peace and harmony with their Jewish, Israeli neighbors.

“We reject the deal of the century and all its dimensions, the economic, the political and the security dimensions. Palestine isn’t for sale. Palestine is a sacred land and there is no option for the occupation except to leave,” a senior Hamas official told Reuters.

A PLO spokesperson also demanded that before his people accept any aid, Israel must basically cease to exist. Israel, of course, has accepted this offer, hands down, and would like nothing more than for Palestinians to prosper, give their people modern medical care, educational opportunities, jobs and have them enjoy each day with their children without sacrificing them as suicide bombers merely to satisfy the cravings of their demented religious and political leaders. They would welcome good neighbors no matter what religion.

With this display of lunacy emanating from the Palestinians is there any question that they are the stumbling blocks to peace in the area? That they are willing to bury their young just to satisfy their primitive ways? Will this rejection of sanity by them finally shake the likes of the United Nations, Bernie Sanders and the rest of our own Leftist Progressive Palestinian Cheering squad to finally give up their loathsome battering of Israel and wake up to the reality that it is not Israel who is the barrier to peace and tranquility in the area but rather it’s the Palestinians that have blood dripping from their hands? Don’t bet on it! Jew hating in this country is on the rise and logic will not stand in the way of this age-old bigotry.

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