Pop Star Taylor Swift Accused of “Cashing In” on LGBTQ Culture in New Pride Month Released Music Video “You Need to Calm Down”


PALM BEACH – Pop sensation Taylor Swift has come under fire after being accused of soullessly “cashing in” on “gay culture” and essentially using LGBTQ people as “props” in the recently-released music video for her new song, “You Need to Calm Down.”

The video, released during Pride Month and featuring a score of celebrity cameos, including Katy Perry – with whom Swift had previously been involved in a long-standing feud with – Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Laverne Cox, RuPaul, and more, features shots of same-sex couples being married, people performing in drag, condemnation of anti-LGBTQ sentiments, references to GLAAD, and urging for the passage of the Equality Act, a stalled congressional bill that, if passed, would amend the Civil Rights Act to just prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

While very commendable, there are also many accusing Swift of essentially hijacking LGBTQ culture and exploiting it for financial gain, as opposed to her efforts showing legitimate concern for equal rights. Critics are particularly pointing out the extremely convenient timing of the release of the video – in the midst of Pride Month – which many contend is laced with stereotypical “gay” imagery allegedly appropriated for mere financial gain.

Others are complaining that Swift is only jumping on the “Pride bandwagon” when it is essentially safe, commercially speaking, to do so; Swift was essentially silent on the issue until recently.

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