“Coming Soon” OJ Simpson’s “Got a Little Gettin’ Even to Do” and His New Twitter Account Will Apparently Be The Venue to Watch It All Unfold

OJ Simpson in a video posted to his new Twitter account where he thanked his new followers and spoke of his love learning how to use Twitter. The video has over six million views. Photo credit: Twitter.com and @TheRealOJ32

PALM BEACH – OJ Simpson, is many things – a former football player, broadcaster, actor, acquitted murderer, convicted robber and kidnapper; we now we can add something else to that impressive repertoire – The Juice as once nicknamed, is now the newest self-publisher on Twitter, and he turned heads recently when he posted a video to his account where he ominously claimed that “I’ve got a little gettin’ even to do.”

Simpson, 71, who was released on parole in October 2017 after having served almost 9 years in prison as results of charges stemming from a 2007 Las Vegas robbery case, pointed out that he made the video in order to confirm to his fans that this account, unlike many others on Twitter, was completely legitimate.

“There’s a lot of fake OJ accounts out there, so this one, @therealOJ32, is the only official one. It should be a lot of fun,” he said in the clip, apparently filmed outdoors with a cell phone. “It should be a lot of fun…I’ve got a little gettin’ even to do. God bless and take care.”

The video shown below currently shows over 12 million views.

Simpson, already a famous NFL star and film actor – well known for his role in the popular “Naked Gun” movies – was charged in 1994 with the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. He was acquitted by a jury after a lengthy and highly publicized trial, but subsequently lost a $33.5 million civil suit filed against him brought about by the victims’ families.

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