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Democrats Can’t Impeach a President for Crimes Committed by Democrats

Even with all the exculpatory evidence clearing the president, those which “Nervous” Nancy Pelosi, has accused President Trump of, a sane person would still ask the question, for what? What does she base her wildly, rash comments on? Photo credit: Fox News.

DELRAY BEACH – That bumper sticker sort of sums up the dilemma that faces the feckless Democrats. After four exoneration’s of President Trump of colluding with the Russians by the FBI, the House, the Senate, and the Special Counsel, the House of Representatives now wants to rehash all the testimony that was presented to the Mueller investigation, hoping to find that elusive bit of “obstruction” so that they can either impeach President Trump or to damage him personally, leading up to the 2020 presidential election. They have no shame – it is like beating a dead horse. Instead of animal cruelty, they are guilty of human cruelty.

Even with all the exculpatory evidence clearing the president, that “Nervous Nellie” Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has accused President Trump of a cover up and that he should not be impeached but should be put in jail (sounds like the old Soviet Union, doesn’t it?). A sane person would ask the question, for what? What does she base her wildly, rash comments on?  In order to impeach (or censure) or jail a president, he/she must be guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” – has President Trump committed any high crimes or misdemeanors while in office?

According to the Democrats, and the “fake news” media, the Republicans and President Trump are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.  That is contrary to how our system of jurisprudence is carried out, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

We spent over $30 million trying to prove that President Trump and many of his associates colluded with the Russians. From what the Mueller Investigation found is that it wasn’t the Trump campaign and transition team who colluded with the Russians. From many other sources, it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC who were the culprits of colluding with the Russians, but Mueller didn’t follow up on the obvious involvement of Clinton and the DNC. As of now, they have skated free of their crimes. But, coming up soon are reports by the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, and Special Justice Department prosecutor, John Durham, who have been investigating the abuse of the FISA Court warrants, and the origins of the Russia investigation. From many insiders, these reports will be “bombshells”, not about Trump, but about the “deep state” and the high officials of the Obama Justice Department, including the Attorney General, the Justice Dept. and the higher ups in the FBI. This will be the scandal of the century making the Tea Pot Dome scandal of the 1920’s look like a church picnic.

The “fake news” media, who are the hand-maidens of the Democrat Party, are complicit, along with the Democrats, in furthering the Mueller witch hunt and hoax in trying to prove Trump and the Russians colluded.  Already, we are seeing the perpetrators in the Obama Administration, John Brennan and James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey, throwing each other under the bus in trying to save their hides from almost certain prosecution.

The present Attorney General, William Barr, must follow through in finding culpability of those who put our country through two years of hell by trying to undermine a sitting president. It seems that if the anti-Trumpers loved their country more than they hated President Trump, we, as a country, would be better off, civilly, than we are today.

So yes, the Democrats can’t impeach the president for the crimes committed by the Democrats. It would be an exercise of futility and a gross miscarriage of justice to attempt such a coup.

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