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De Blasio and School Chancellor, Richard Carranza on Defense for Pending Lawsuit Claiming a Crusade Against “Toxic” Whiteness in NYC Schools

Richard A. Carranza who previously served as Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District, with Mayor de Blasio when he was appointed as New York City’s next Schools Chancellor, March 2018. Photo credit: NYC Press Office, News Release.

BOCA RATON – If your family is (shamefully) of European ancestry, if you have great goals (like all bigoted white parents) of your kids getting a great education preparing for a super (privileged) future, then the NYC public schools are not for you and your offspring. And who says it? None other than the Big Apple’s Mayor de Blasio and its School Chancellor, Richard Carranza.

The new plans set out by the former Houston school chief will focus on combating a “white supremacy culture,” characterized by such concepts as “individualism,” “objectivity” and “worship of the written word” which he claims now negatively permeate the system. It’s hard to imagine any educator or anyone with his head screwed on right, disparaging the written word, but that’s going to be the rule in the classrooms throughout the 5 boroughs from here on in. Bad news!

It’s not illiteracy, poor regent scores or the high rates of teacher and student absenteeism that Carranza will do away with. He will zero in on abolishing toxic whitenessin the system. Four top Department of Education (DOE) administrators, all white women, who, according to the New York Post, contend they were demoted or relieved of their duties are ready to sue the city claiming they were targeted and replaced with less qualified people of color. The three legendary top city high schools, Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech and Bronx High School of Science will no longer screen its applicants based on an impartial test of knowledge, but will enroll kids of all shapes and sizes to artificially claim that all students have the same drive, dedication to learning and intelligence. No more of that awful “White or Asian” supremacy in these schools, implied Hizzoner whose own son attended Brooklyn Tech. All kids have the same innate intelligence just as all pro-basketball aspirants have the same athletic skills.

According to David Bloomfield, a Brooklyn College and CUNY professor, “Since Carranza took office, he’s brought in a lot of new people.” This has resulted in chaos in the top levels as people battle for power, with those who are (shamefully) white obviously seeing that there is no future for them in the system and bailing out, leaving a vacuum of competency that will be hard to fill if only racial priorities are used to promote.

History tells us that bringing in teachers and supervisors of color to raise the levels of aspirations of like hued students will surely fail, leading to doomed futures for the kids. Anyone old enough to recall the race-based hysteria of the Ocean-Hill-Brownsville school district back in 1968 knows that once the theme that white teachers cannot teach black kids invades the mindset of the bureaucrats who hold the cards, the system is doomed for failure. What competent white teacher would now apply to the BOE for a job? And what white parents would not consider a private or charter school education for their kids knowing the hatred for them radiating out of the office of the mayor and school chancellor? Look to the future when at high school graduations the Math Medal is awarded to the one kid who can recite the nine-times table by heart. It’s coming.

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