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Yesterday, Ignorance is No Excuse. Today, Ignorance is No Problem

Special Counsel Robert Mueller while delivering his first public statement on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign at the Justice Department in Washington. Mr. Mueller said his written report would serve as his only testimony on the investigation and declined to answer any questions from the press. Photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH – Once upon a time, when a person did something wrong or stupid, he/she was told that ignorance of the law or rule was no excuse, but things have changed over the past few years, in so far as that today ignorance is no problem.

Ignorance of the law, as exhibited by the disgraced Mueller Report, has shown how ignorance can be used against innocent people, especially against the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

After the anti-Trump Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, spent almost two years and $30 million investigating a bogus crime, colluding with the Russians by the president, he goes on T.V. and rehashes his report that found no Russian collusion and no chargeable obstruction, but he nuanced his scripted presentation in such a way that he tried to give the Democrats a reason to get their bowels in an uproar in their illogical quest to bring charges of impeachment against Trump. The Democrats are looking for anything to use, and Mueller tried to give them some fodder.

In his hastily called presentation to try to soothe the angst that the Democrats felt by the releasing of the Mueller Report that found no collusion, no new ground was presented by Mueller as he “alluded” to possible “crimes” that Trump might have committed, but crimes that he couldn’t enumerate. This wishy-washy oral report by Mueller was geared to pay back Trump for all the negative comments he made as Mueller went about his phony vindictive investigation.

A rational person might ask that since no crime was committed by Trump, how can he obstruct a non-crime? For two years, President Trump has accused the Mueller probe as being a hoax and a witch hunt. By doing the thing that an innocent man usually does by proclaiming his innocence, he is accused of possibly obstructing justice. The Democrats and their flunky’s in thefake news media are looking for anything to avenge the loss of their “Lying Queen”, Hillary Clinton in the last election.

In all my years, I have never seen such a visceral hatred of another person, in this case, namely President Trump. In the haters eyes, he can’t do anything right as they are blinded to the facts by their loony liberal ideology.  It is so bad that if President Trump came down from the Mount with 10 Commandments under his arm, the Trump haters would criticize and vilify him for not having 11 Commandments.  To them, he is evil incarnate.

There is no excuse for people to act this way as ignorance of civil behavior is no excuse, but to them, ignorance of good behavior is no problem. In their eyes, President Trump must be taken down and removed from office come hell or high water, and the good of the country be damned.

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