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Kissing the Ring That’s in Al Sharpton’s Back Pocket

Reverend Al Sharpton, who is seen here when he led the “Justice for All” March in Washington, D.C. following the lack of indictments in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York. File photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH – Can you believe that many of the announced Democrats candidates for president have made the pilgrimage to Al Sharpton’s NAN, Nation Action Network? Al Sharpton, a notorious “shakedown artist” (and a Democrat) seems to have the innate charm that attracts self-serving politicians who want to keep on his good side.

The Rev Al Sharpton, who got his sobriquet  “Reverend” when  he was 10 years old (or thereabouts), seems to be the king maker in the modem Democrat Party. He (along with his partner in crime Jesse Jackson), has been shaking down various people and companies over the past couple of decades by getting them to cough up “donations” to his organization, the NAN (which some have called it Sharpton’s personal piggy bank). Some of the dupes who have been encouraged to contribute to NAN have been billionaire and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, McDonald’s, Pfizer pharmaceutical, Verizon, AT&T, General Motors, American Honda, Chrysler, Macy’s, Aneheuser-Busch, and Colgate-Palmolive. All have ponied up “donations” to his organization so that they will not be picketed or boycotted under the phony charge that they are “racist” or have “racist” policies. It has worked over and over again, and it seems that this shakedown practice has not had any legal consequences, mainly because feckless politicians don’t want to rock the racial boat.

Al Sharpton, is the same person who was a regular visitor to the Obama White House over the 8 years of Obama’s term. What did Sharpton have to offer the president that gave him so much face time with the president and his cronies? Do you think it had any effect on Obama, as race relations in our country deteriorated at a rapid pace? It seems whenever Sharpton entered a racial conflict, instead of mitigating the problem, he always seemed to add fuel to the fire. Do you think his advice had a negative effect on how Obama handled race relations?

How can Sharpton get away with his less than honorable rabble­ rousing life? This is the same guy that owes back taxes to both the federal and state (New York State) tax authorities (which are still outstanding), he, in the past, has created racial tension with his involvement in the notorious Tawana Brawley “fake” rape assault case, with his involvement in the Freddie Fashion Mart arson and killing in Harlem, his inflammatory rhetoric in the case of the Yankel Rosenbaum death fiasco in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in addition to his anti-Semitic rants on several occasions by calling Jews “interlopers“.Today, he has a gig on the NBC network where he continues to spew his racist rants. I wonder what he has on the bigwigs of NBC that they would tolerate him having his own show? Can you imagine if a white, conservative, Republican had the record that Sharpton has amassed, do you think he or she would still be on the air?

So, you might ask, why do the Democrat candidates “kiss the ring” that’s in Sharpton’s back pocket? I don’t know, but I have my suspicions, and it ain’t good. Maybe you should ask them?

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