President Trump Threatens Government of Iran; Conflict With U.S. Would Bring About “The Official End” of the Middle Eastern Nation

Carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) steams alongside the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN72), background, in the Mediterranean Sea on April 24, 2019. US Navy Photo.

BOCA RATON – We don’t believe there will be a war with Iran in the near future. Our side surely doesn’t want one. And we hope and pray that they, the believers in Holy War (Jihad) for world conquest, whose goal is to establish an Islamist Caliphate, have some rational leaders who understand that such a conflict fought with modern weapons will lead to their total destruction. President Trump, understands the results of this all too possible, unimaginable (to any sane person,) conflagration but because the Iranians have been permitted for 40 years to terrorize the world at will  without ever being held to account by the Western nations, they are once again brandishing their holy sword of war over us, believing that once again, we will give in to their threats.

This is not a good scenario but one that we’ve seen in the past. Hitler, whose early German army didn’t even have one fighter plane or tank in its arsenal, eventually conquered all of Europe because of his enemy’s failure to take a stand. Look what that got us. Stalin, whose post WWII regime was war torn, with tens of millions killed, no economy, totally broke, was permitted by the weakness, again, of the Western world to threaten nuclear war if his demands weren’t met. And look how he met his peaceful Waterloo by the courage and toughness of both Presidents Reagan and Bush The Elder.

These daring leaders had the boldness, not easy at any time, to stand their ground and face up to their Communist foes and grind them down to defeat not with war but economically. Of course the Russkies were not led by religious fanatics such as those at the helm of Iran. However, let’s look at how, under the leadership of Trump, our nation has virtually destroyed the threat of ISIS and how Iran has been stopped in its tracks with its threats of annihilating Israel. The Jewish State has been permitted (by Trump) to attack Iranian forces that had been given the green light by President Obama and a weak-kneed Europe to invade and occupy Syria. Israel not only snarled at the Iranians but stood toe-to-toe with them and guess what? The Iranians backed off. Trump has ripped up our traitorous deal with Iran to the teary-eyed consternation of Europe’s leaders. He has warned Iran, not with mere verbal threats that if they attacked Israel, our current seaborne arsenal, now ensconced in the Mediterranean will unleash weaponry unimaginable on their forces and nation. They will back off.

We must not permit the threats of war by our brutal enemies to cause us to slink away in defeat. We’ve seen the results of democracies being paralyzed by threats from bully nations. We must finally stand up to Iran and North Korea, not with gifts of goods, gold, graciousness and good will, but with a strong sense of purpose and power. Let’s once and for all, use our military and commercial strengths to make our enemies think twice about threatening us.

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