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Democratic Party Favors System of Illegal Entrance, Lawlessness, Illegality


NEW YORK, NY – California, under Gov. Brown in 2013, passed a law allowing illegal immigrants to get a driver’s license. Gov. Cuomo of New York also wants to issue licenses to large numbers of persons illegally here. One motivation could be to help. This is quite clear. Another take on this is to gain these persons illegally here some sort of legal or identity status, possibly to enable them to vote. I find issuing licenses for that purpose inappropriate. Voting and even driving is not a right or entitlement to a person with illegal status. They are the right of a citizen not an illegal alien. Moreover, Governor Cuomo has proposed issuing scholarships and financial aid to children or students with illegal status. Help is for those who are here legally, not for those whose status is in question. Let me say these actions could have been motivated with a desire to help and assist. Help and assistance, however, should be reserved for the many Americans in poverty, whether in Brooklyn or West Virginia, the Bronx or Missouri. Those citizens are and should be the priority and persons illegally here should not be favored.

Second, some elements of the Democratic Party favor abolition of the Electoral College on the basis, it would appear, that Presidents Trump and Bush were elected with a minority of the popular vote and an Electoral College majority. This is a misunderstanding of why the Electoral College was established. There are two reasons why the founding fathers of this country established the Electoral College. They feared direct election to the Presidency, afraid a tyrant could manipulate public opinion and come to power. The purpose of the Electoral College was first to create a buffer between the population and the selection of the President. The founders believed that with the Electoral College, there was less likelihood of manipulation. The second reason for the Electoral College was to satisfy the small states. Those reasons are and have validity. We live in a system where the media has great influence and power over the general population and the Electoral College can and does put a break on those influenced and the agenda of the political parties which can and do in their constant barrage of images and phrases served to fool and manipulate. I suggest to the Democratic Party that if they take the position that abolition of the electoral is desirable, then perhaps they could take the same and similar position for abolition of the Senate, which, in its structure of two senators from each state, serves to favor the smaller rural states when California and New York have much larger population bases.

There are some indications that the Democratic Party favors illegals having the right to come here without legal statue and reside here. It is true many make asylum claims after gaining illegally crossing the border. If one seeks to come to this country, there are legal bases and methods and mechanisms to do so. Moreover, there is a legal procedure to make an asylum claim at the embassy before crossing the border illegally. I have great compassion and love for those who suffer in countries and seek to escape that suffering. I have to say, weighing the desperate difficulties persons may face coming from South and Central America, we are a country of laws and based on the rule of law and cannot allow, permit, or countenance a system of illegal entrance, lawlessness, and illegality.

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