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It’s Time for All Readers and Subscribers to Cancel Their Habit of Reading a Biased, Bigoted and Extremely Dangerous Venom Spouting Newspaper

The New York Times Newspaper press room as it was in 1942, a time when opening up its pages on the subway or in the Automat or carrying it folded beneath your arm while chugging to work was a sign of culture and sophistication. A time no more. It’s now a symbol of outright hatred. File photo: Pixabay.

BOCA RATON – “What is the difference between the New York Times and a roll of Charmin toilet paper?” Answer: “Not much, they are both suitable for flushing down the drain.” It’s sad that the NYT, once the Titanic of newspapers, referred to in the past as The Gray Lady because of its trusted respectability in reporting and objectivity, is now no more than a politically biased, bigoted, Jew hating daily that according to all reports is in big trouble. Its readership has plummeted over 50% since 2005 and its staff has been reduced to a a bare minimum to stave off the slide into bankruptcy.

Last week that publication, sadly the favorite of Jews in The City and around the country sank deeper into the murky depths of its long time hatred of Israel and its alienation of Jews, by printing a vile cartoon that pictured a blind President Trump in a yarmulke, being led by a German breed dog (a dachshund) with a Jewish star hanging from its neck and a face featuring a contorted image of Bibi Netanyahu. Outrageous in its attempt to depict Israel’s prime minister as a Jewish-Nazi dog controlling our president. Do you recall the comment of Jew/Israel hating Congresswoman Ilhan Omar declaring that Jews control this nation with its hundred dollar “Benjamins?” The NYT now echoes her dangerous sentiments to its millions of readers. We now know where they stand.

Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, to his credit, body slammed the NYT as a cesspool of hostility towards” Israel. He continued, “The same New York Times that a century ago mostly hid from their readers the Holocaust of the Jewish people has today made its pages a safe-place for those who hate the Jewish state.” That paper’s Pulitzer Prize winning self hating Jewish columnist, Tom Friedman, depicted Israel as “Yad Vashem with an air force.” F

riedman, the leading columnist, the shining star of the NYT, earned the wrath of former NYC Mayor Ed Koch who responded to one of Friedman’s frequent condemnations of Israel: “Of all the anti-Semitic slurs, one of the worst is that Jews control the world. Last week we heard yet another version of the same old lie, this time from Tom Friedman.” This NYT trope of Israel leading the world is not a new one. They are focused.

It’s time for all readers/subscribers of the NYT to cancel their habit of starting off the day reading the biased, bigoted and extremely dangerous venom spouted by that sheet. Once upon a time, opening up its pages on the subway or in the Automat or carrying it folded beneath your arm while chugging to work was a sign of culture and sophistication. No more. It’s now a symbol of outright hatred. Flush it!

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