Three Federal Judge’s Rule Against Trump’s Census Citizenship Question

Three Federal Court Judges have ruled against the Trump administration on its adding a citizenship question on the 2020 census. The question simply asks, ‘Is this person a citizen of the United States?’ File photo: Pixabay.

BAYSIDE, NY – Three Federal District Court Judges have ruled against the Trump administration on its adding a citizenship question on the 2020 census. First, let me note that I am far from being in an equal station or position as a Federal District Court Judge charged with the decision-making power over national and even international matters of great and significant importance. I merely offer some thoughts, however limited on this issue.

US District Court Judge George Hazel in Maryland wrote in his 119-page decision that the question will cause a differential decline in Census participation among non-citizen and Hispanic households. That could be true and valid: non-citizens may have a fear of being found out and possibly, given that person’s illegal status, being deported. Non-citizens may in fact be identified by the census.

The remedy need not be deportation but illegality and the violation of the law should be revealed and be properly handled by our authorities.

Similarly, in March, US District Court Judge Seeborg, a US District Court Judge of the Northern District of California, stated the question was effective in preventing responses from immigrants and non-citizens. Again, I am not in an equal position with Judge Seeborg. But the fact is that illegal immigrants have no right to be here or participate in our democratic system.

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Citizenship is a privilege which can be obtained legally. Millions of the poor and oppressed have passed through Ellis Island. This citizenship question is a valid attempt through the census to find and determine legal status of our population base and is not wrong or discriminatory; it is nothing more than the proper operation of a society that must be based on law. We should not and cannot allow our system to be manipulated and twisted for whatever purposes by illegal immigrants.

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