Attack on IRG is Merely the Second Step in Trump’s Efforts to Defang Iran from Its Capabilities to Wreak Havoc Around the World

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo participates in a UN Security Council meeting on Iran in New York City on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. File photo, U.S. Department of State.

BOCA RATON – One of President Trump’s major talking points leading up to his election in 2016, was that he would immediately seek to punish Iran for its bucket-load of worldwide terrorist activities by voiding the Obama inspired Iranian Nuclear Deal formally referred to as the JCPA. He did just that as one of his first acts in the White House, ignoring the weeping and wailing of the radical Left, including Jewish legislators, who claimed such an action would lead to an angry, hostile Iran who would feel no restraints in immediately developing a nuclear device and, as they promised, to use it to obliterate Israel. Not so.

Now Mr. Trump has gone one step further by designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG), the elite fighting force of that nation, as a foreign terrorist organization.” This will surely initiate responses from those who originally were against punishing Iran for its worldwide actions of terror. In its statement to the press, the State Department listed many reasons for this action to combat Iranian terror. A pronouncement from president’s spokesperson noted that the IRG provides funding, equipment, training and logistical support to terrorist groups including Hezballah, Hamas, the Palestinian and Islamic Jihad. It also has been directly involved in terrorist plots in nations such as Germany, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Kenya, to name just a few. They (the IRG) have now been pinpointed by Trump as the merchants of death exported to do the dirty work of Iran. The President’s Press Secretary noted:

“This action sends a clear message to Tehran that its support for terrorism has serious consequences. We will continue to increase financial pressure and raise the costs on the Iranian regime for its support of terrorist activity until it abandons its malign and outlaw behavior.”

It’s about time a nation not only had the guts to speak the truth about this deadly, Jihadist regime but had the moral strength to follow it up with actions to bring it down to its knees. And we did it!

This attack on the IRG is merely the second step in Trump’s efforts to defang Iran from its capabilities to wreak havoc around the world. Its military, led by this elite group is now engaged in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen. He walked out of the Iran deal nearly a year ago and was immediately attacked by the Left crying that it would bring nothing but problems for to our country and our allies in the Middle East. Rather, it’s apparent that Trump’s move to stand up to Iran has paid off handsomely to the safety and welfare of the entire world, including those nations of the European Union whose underlying concerns were merely the loss of their financially rewarding trading partner, Iran. 

Foolishly, they see no further than securing contracts with the nation that seeks their destruction. In reality, Trump’s sanctions have exacerbated Iran’s financial crisis by undermining their support for terrorist groups now operating in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and in Palestinian dominated areas. These forces are not being paid what they were promised by Tehran. Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, has voiced complaints to his paymasters blaming American sanctions for the payroll problem. Trump’s actions in breaking the deal Obama glad-handed with the Mullahs also generated a renewed interest on our part to dig into Hezbollah’s criminal activities which were scandalously ignored prior to his taking office. In order to appease Iran, Obama looked the other way at this terror group’s involvement in drug dealing, money laundering and assassinations. The pressure of the sanctions on the ordinary citizens of Iran has also awakened the Green Party, those young people who took to the streets in 2009 to oppose the harsh religious practices of  their leaders, to speak out and take to the streets, not only demanding the meeting of basic necessities such as food, fuel and housing but also insisting that the  government stop funding foreign military ventures while the economic situation at home gets worse. Harsher sanctions will increase the public’s pressure to give in to America’s demands. A “no win” situation for the failing Islamic government.

One has to wonder if former President Obama, while largely silent on Trump’s moves against Iran, is not active behind the scenes, giving aid and comfort to his buddies in Tehran? It takes us back to the late Senator Teddy Kennedy’s obvious treasonous actions back in 1983 when he sent a memo to the Kremlin giving them advice on how to intervene in our 1984 elections in order to topple then President Reagan. It is not out of the question that Iran might be stalling until the 2020 elections to see if Trump is defeated and then with a new, more friendly government under Obama’s domination, they could again be free to complete their creation of a worldwide Caliphate. After all, Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris both have promised to bring that deal back to life if elected. And you can be certain that the other Democrats running against them share that thought. Should we then be a bit concerned that Iran may take a stab at attempting to use whatever means they have at their disposal to work diligently against Trump’s re-election? Collusion? After all, they have everything to gain by dealing once again with a friendly president.

Iran is a hot potato issue. It stands on the brink of becoming a nuclear power with leaders as crazy as those of  North Korea. We are proud that our administration has pushed Iran against the wall at no heavy cost to us or our allies. By crippling and bringing down the deadly leadership of Iran, the better off and safer the Middle East and we will be. I feel that more pressure on Iran will lead to its present government’s downfall and  eventually for its peaceful electorate to regain authority and with that democracy, in that nation. Go for it Donald!

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