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Netanyahu Must Act in Remaining Days to Cripple Enemies or Risk Losing Seat as Prime Minister; Voting Citizens Watching Carefully

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Vice President of the United States Mike Pence delivering remarks before dinner at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, January 22, 2018. Photo by Matty Stern, U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv

BOCA RATON – April 9th is election Day in Israel. Current Prime Minister Netanyahu will be running for his fourth term in office amidst a growing Gazan/Hamas insurgency that has tens of thousands of young Palestinian shock troops ready, at this writing, to storm the gates of Israel. Bibi is at a point in time where he is being watched carefully by his own voting citizens who demand that he fulfill his basic duty. And that is to protect them from the savages who seem ready to storm into Israel to lay it waste. He is now at a crucial crossroads. Either cripple the enemy now or risk losing his seat as PM.

Hamas has already tested him with rockets into the heart of his country and have received in return, the usual, feeble retaliatory air strikes that knock out a few buildings and accomplish very little in the way of really throwing the fear of G-d into these primitives. Netanyahu must now go for the jugular and make Hamas kneel with an “unconditional surrender” in the offing that would have their forces raise their hands up high and give up all of their weaponry. In so doing, in this short span before the elections, he could guarantee both the security of his nation and his seat as PM, as well.

One of his opponents, former Lt. Gen. (ret.) Benny Gantz, who represents the new Israel Resilience Party, is a political neophyte and his views and that of his party are largely unknown but scary. In a recent speech, Gantz rattled his nation by telling them: “If it turns out that there is no way to reach peace (with the Palestinians) at this time, we will shape a new reality.” Frightening, since the phrase, “new reality,” is the code for unilateral Israel withdrawal from the West Bank, which means disengagement from settlements with no peace or any political concessions from the Palestinians. Israel tried that in Lebanon, Judea/Samaria and in Gaza and look where they are now.

The Israeli people are tired of hiding in bomb shelters, of worrying if rockets will land on their kids’ schools or if terrorists will suddenly emerge like rats from concealed tunnels beneath their feet to slaughter them, their families and their neighbors. These few remaining days before the national elections will tell the tale. If Bibi, as his citizens want, hits back strong against the Gaza savages at its gates by crippling them and their leadership once and for all, without giving in to the “peaceniks” within and without his border, both he and Israel will survive. He must summon up the courage exhibited by his brother Yonatan, who, at Entebbe, gave his life for his country, He’s looking down at you now, Benjamin, and expects you to do the right thing. Evidence strength.

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