Hit Reality Television Series “Flip or Flop Vegas” Returns for Third Season


LAS VEGAS – The hit reality television show, Flip or Flop Vegas has returned for a third season, highlighting the unique ups and downs of the Las Vegas real estate scene as the first of new episodes premiered on March 21.

The show, which became an instant hit upon its first season, features Aubrey Marunde, a Vegas-based real estate expert and designer, alongside her husband Bristol Marunde, a former Mixed Martial Arts fighter who has competed in the UFC and Strikeforce, who also participates in the contracting aspects needed for buying distressed properties and renovating them while a camera crew captures the process from start to finish.

Much like the first and second, the third season features the couple taking neglected properties and renovating them into comfy-cozy oases in the Las Vegas Valley. Due to the strong demand for homes in the Las Vegas area, their experience of flipping homes is a far more intense experience than in many other parts of the country.

With the speed in which land is being picked up by developers, a flipper needs to be able to move fast when it comes to identifying and buying prospective properties which are generally snapped up at faster speeds than elsewhere in the country, Aubrey told the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“Our properties sell in hours, rather than days or months here; that’s very unique to the show.”

Aubrey Marunde

Aubrey originally came to be noticed by HGTV via her Instagram page, where she showcased her numerous home renovations which opened the door to getting a shot at her own TV series, High Stakes Flippers, in 2016. The concept morphed into Flip or Flop Vegas as the duo attempted to ply their trade, quite successfully, in Sin City.

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