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End of the Mueller Investigation Signals the Final Score, a Shutout: Team Loyalty America – 9, Team Leftist Losers – 0; Vindication in Mueller Report

Robert Mueller testifying at an FBI oversight hearing. Among the topics he addressed were the Boston Marathon bombings, the disclosure of National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs by a former CIA employee. and the impact of sequestration budget cuts. June 13, 2013, Photo credit: C-SPAN.

BOCA RATON – I’m a huge baseball fan and with opening day coming up this week I’d like to reflect on the current bizarre Democrat situation in major league lingo. Mueller’s swinging at a third strike and his demoralizing win-loss report to his Democrat fan base basically throws in the towel for the winner take all, one game playoff, World Series coming up on Election Day, 2020. The filled out scorecard for the Left’s political season’s next 20 months will bring Democrat heartbreak but will have Trumpers doing a gleeful, well earned stand-up victory wave as they tune in to the whinings of Joy Reid, Joey Scarborough and Chris Matthews. Waterproofing for TV sets will be the big product as the tears flow from Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon soaking our living room floors. There won’t be enough hot dogs, Cracker Jacks and beer to keep Conservatives ecstatic and in their seats. The end of the Mueller investigation signals the final score, a shutout: Team Loyalty America – 9, Team Leftist Losers – 0. Or 9 zip to all you  former New Yorkers.

If we acknowledge that half of our citizenry are Democrats, will they remain silent or will they express outrage at being led by the nose and lied to by their top leaders? They must raise their voices and ask just where is the evidence of Trump’s criminality and treason that was barked for over two years to the world?  Congressman Adam Schiff, a biggie on the Permanent Select House Committee on Intelligence, who has sat in on these closed door hearings, declared repeatedly that: “There is already, in my view, ample evidence on the issue of collusion,” and declared to Tucker Carlson on Fox News that “there is overwhelming evidence, plenty of it.” And without letup in front of the nightly cameras was confidently calling for charges of treason against Trump. The managers and coaches of the losing Team-Democrat, such as Schumer and Pelosi will now have to bring in such  pinch hitting words as, “traitor,” “dictator,” “tyrant‘ and “Hitler” to substitute for the overused, former clean-up batter, “collusion.”

And where does that put the current spring training candidates for the Democrat nomination for president? Now that their mantra, the single campaign issue against their Republican opponent has been drained down the sewer, just what issues will they harp on? Will they swear to improve the state of the union on such issues as the economy, taxes, the levels of the stock markets, the GDP, the public’s confidence, the relationship with Israel or the growing respect the world now has of this nation’s strength and stability? What is it that they can promise the voters to look forward to if one of them is the Left’s winning candidate? Trump has filled each and every promise he had made to the people before he was elected. He has repeatedly switched players on his starting nine team. If one of his crew could not perform as a major leaguer, he was benched. One of the reasons for his election was that he had no political debts to any of the Republican honchos. He was free and clear to manage his team as he saw fit. And at this point, it looks like the Republicans, if they finally stick together, act as a real professional crew, listen to their manager and his coaches, will sail into next year’s Election Day World Series with a true major league team. A winner.

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