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Ilhan Omar Calls Out “White Supremacists” from Slaughter in New Zealand While Remarkably Silent on Radical Muslim Group Bombings Last Month

Somali-American Ilhan Omar, 36, won a seat for the Democrats in Minnesota – one of the first two Muslim women ever to sit in the House of Representatives. She is seen here in an interview with TNT World which aired on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

BOCA RATON – Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (D-MINN) who, since being sworn in, this past January, on a Koran, and regularly tweets out messages of Jew hating to the world is still sitting, queen-like high on both the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Education and Labor Committee. Rather plum assignments for a freshman and particularly for a young woman refugee from primitive Somalia, whose apparent goal it appears is to replicate the hell-on-earth conditions of her homeland, on our own shores. And sadly, she’s damned good at it. Right after this past week’s horrific slaughter at two mosques in New Zealand, Ms. Omar said prayers for the dead and called out “White supremacists” and their hate as being responsible for the atmosphere leading up to it. However, she was remarkably silent just this last February 28th at the news that a radical Muslim group had blown up the Makkah Hotel in her hometown of Mogadishu, Somalia, killing over 30 and wounding 90. Suicide bombings in her native land of Somalia, in which innocent civilians are blown to bits are just too frequent to make headlines any more since they occur every day in the Muslim controlled world. Not enough for Omar to take time out to comment on or pray for those victims. Somalia is a true, sh-thole nation.

Yet, this is the land from which Congresswoman Omar emigrated. Hate originating from the Koran has ripped apart her home nation. Yet she cannot raise her voice to decry the killings called for and carried out throughout the Muslim world by, you guessed it, Muslims. This is the mindset of this woman who calls the democratic state of Israel, “a terrorist nation.” And where is she in demanding of her brothers and sisters still left in Somalia, to cease and desist from their terror on the high seas? According to the organization devoted to oceanic safety, Oceans Beyond Piracy, over the last 10 years, Somali pirates have reaped over $30 billion in materials and ransom, captured and held hostage hundreds of sailors and travelers and made the high seas around the eastern coast of Africa a hell hole for shipping. Primitive, savage piracy reigns in this area of our modern world. And do you recall the savagery of the movie, Blackhawk Down, that replicated the heinous attacks on our own troops who risked their lives to make Somali citizens safer from … Islamic terror? All for naught.

Ms. Omar came to our shores as a refugee from a nation filled with hate spawned by her coreligionists. Apparently she carried these sentiments over in her baggage to unleash on us. If she hates Jews, Christians and whites as much as she indicates in her tweets and words to her fawning television hosts, let her stuff her venom into some plastic bags, haul herself off to the airport and wave farewell to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Somalia and Ms. Omar are well suited for each other.

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