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House Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism Should Have Focused In On Israel Hating Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar and Her Hate Alone


BOCA RATON – The recent Jew/Israel hating rhetoric coming out of the mouth of Democrat House Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, should have had the shivers running up and down the spines of American Jews. It did not. It should have had the media jumping up and down, condemning the bilious words uttered by this dangerous Muslim refugee from Somalia who even broke this nation’s marriage laws by getting betrothed to her own biological brother. It did not. Rather, she is now the heroine of the Far Left wing of the Democrat Party and destined to become its ideological leader in the future. Among her defenders are the likes of  her Muslim-sister House member Rashida Tlaib, NY representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose IQ equals the temperature in refrigerators and surprisingly, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, white and Christian, who claims scarily, that Omar should be excused because, “she comes from a different culture.” Omar’s “religious culture” calls for infidels (all other than Muslims) for starters, to have their heads chopped off and to be followed by burning for eternity in hell. Acceptable? Toss in those sitting on her team bench, the Black Congressional Caucus and the guy they like to pose with, Louis Farrakhan and strangely enough even David Duke, the true White Nationalist KKK leader, thrown out of the Republican Party for his own Jew hating, who has come to her defense and has praised her denunciation of, you guessed it…. Jews.

I am concerned that Ms. Omar has tested the waters by spouting her anti-Semitism and with the outcome of the recent legislation initiated by her comments, which foolishly and cowardly does not condemn her for her hateful statements but, rather condemns all forms of racism, it is clear she has won. She is now free and clear to continue fanning the flames of Jew hating from her secure, lifetime seat representing her community in the Twin Cities.

We must ask, just where were the elected Jewish members of Congress (The Invisible Jewish Congressional Caucus??) who did not demand that this legislation should have focused in on condemning her and her hate alone? They were cowed by the leaders of their party to fall in line in passing legislation that covered discrimination in general and left her chuckling at the simplicity of how easy it is to attack Jews and get away with it. A lesson in the lack of moral strength among her Jewish Congresspeople to be exploited over and over again without any concern for their standing up against her nor for their feeble and mainly invisible support for their own constituents. Jew hating now rules and will grow in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives. Accept it or vote not your party in 2020, but your conscience.

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