Texas Police Arrest Teen Who Tweeted Threat To ‘Commit Jihad’ On Abortion Clinic; Calls Self Violent Psychopath with to Access Firearms


WAXAHACHIE – Texas police arrested and charged a 17-year-old Tuesday for allegedly threatening to “commit jihad on an abortion clinic.”

Waxahachie police apprehended the male teenager, who has not been named, and charged him Tuesday with threatening to commit a terrorist attack, Dallas News reported. Authorities charged the teen with a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to 180 days in jail if he is found guilty.

The teen’s arrest comes after law enforcement discovered a Feb. 17 tweet reading, “I’m going to commit jihad on an abortion clinic,” according to Dallas News. The tweet was posted on the Twitter page of @TomboysDMme. Its handle reads, “I like guns and and anime and firearms and gun parts and magazines and ammunition and firearms accessories and really cute anime women and guns,” and features a photo of a male wearing a black face mask and gloves pointing a gun.

“It’s not easy being a violent psychopath with access to multiple firearms,” the teen wrote in another tweet, Dallas News reported.

The account is private.

After the teen’s arrest, the North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force assisted the Waxahachie police in searching his home. They seized a number of firearms, according to Dallas News.

Ellis Country is not home to any abortion clinics. Dallas and Fort Worth, approximately 45 and 55 minutes away, each have several abortion clinics.

The teen was reportedly booked into Ellis County Jail Tuesday.

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