Police Officer Gives Pregnant Waitress Huge Tip And Asks To Remain Anonymous


NEW JERSEY – Pregnant waitress Courtney English appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and said a New Jersey police officer gave her a $100 tip on a $9 bill and asked to remain anonymous.

The officer also left her a note which read: “Enjoy Your 1st [child]. You will never forget it.”

“It was a regular day. It was steady, not too busy, not too slow. And he came in. He wanted to sit by himself. And then he was real quiet. I was talking to the tables around him. Being my first baby I was excited,” she said. “And then when he went to pay the check, after he left the hostess was like, he left you $100. And I was like, no he didn’t. And she said yes he did. And when she showed me I was completely shocked. Because that doesn’t really happen and it was beautiful.”

English said she usually has to work an entire shift to make $100 and said the officer’s kindness made her cry.

“I started to cry,” she said. “And then when I got home it hit me all over again and I cried all over again. It was very genuine. It meant a lot to me because I’m getting ready to go out of work and it was just unexpected.”

English’s father shared the story on social media and the story was picked up and went viral.

“My dad shared it on Facebook. And I guess he made it public. Saturday morning he shared it and then it started getting you know, a couple hundred shares and then about halfway through my shift I checked it and he had like 600 and something shares. And then it just went completely viral within 24 hours. It was crazy.”

English thanked the officer on-air said she plans to use the money for basic baby necessities like diapers.

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