Four Police Officers Injured In Active Shooter Incident In Illinois


AURORA – At least four police officers and multiple civilians are injured after a shooter stormed a manufacturing company in Aurora, Illinois, Friday, The Aurora Daily Herald reports.

At least one civilian might be dead. Multiple outlets are reporting a heavy police presence in the area with multiple ambulances. ATF and FBI agents are also responding to the incident.

Emergency personnel have taken multiple victims away from the scene to a nearby hospital. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

Aurora police are urging anyone nearby to shelter in place. Several nearby businesses and a school have gone into lockdown while authorities search for the subject.

“We have not heard from the police, but we can hear all the sirens so I went and shut the front gate and locked all of the doors,” Nancy Caal, a worker at a nearby auto shop told The Daily Herald. “I’ve got three people here with me and there’s four people in the building behind me, too. We’re not seeing much because we prefer to be all the way inside the building and not in the windows. We’re staying calm.”T

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