Suspected Bank Robber, Jason Mackenrodt, Quickly Arrested After Slipping on Patch of Ice, Sending Cash Flying Through Air


WATERVILLE – A suspected bank robber in Waterville, Maine, was quickly arrested after being taken out by a patch of ice, sending the cash he had allegedly just taken flying through the air Tuesday.

“I had just left my shift at Harbor Freight and was sitting in my truck talking to my mother in Pennsylvania and saw money flying everywhere,” Maine resident Robert Goetz, 52, said according to “I’m like, ‘Mom, I’m witnessing a bank robbery here. I gotta go.’ … I told the police I picked up about 400 bucks.”

Jason Mackenrodt, 37, is in custody  after allegedly robbing Bangor Savings Bank Tuesday morning with what turned out to be a BB gun, reported WMTW. After exiting the bank, Mackenrodt ran across a four-lane road and into a parking lot, where he slipped on a patch of ice.

But the suspect’s bad luck didn’t end there. State police special agent Glenn Lang was parked just feet away from the suspect and arrested him while city police were responding to the robbery.

“When [the suspect] fell, the money and the gun he had stashed in his jacket pocket spilled onto the parking lot, and the money was swept across the parking lot by the wind,” Waterville Police Chief Joseph Masse said, according to “Members of the public tried to scoop it up.”

Jason Mackenrodt allegedly robbed a Waterville bank with a BB gun this morning. While running away, he slipped on the ice, spilled the money and dropped his gun in front of a State Trooper. He’s at the Kennebec County Jail now.

— CBS 13 News (@WGME) February 12, 2019

“That was great luck and great action on the part of Lang, to put that together so quickly and get out of the vehicle and apprehend him,” Massey continued.

Mackenrodt was arrested on charges of robbery and terrorizing and was taken to a jail in Augusta. His bail was set at $25,000 cash, Waterville Deputy Chief Bill Bonney said, according to Mackenrodt’s court date is set for May 13. He was already on probation for burglary, according to

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