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Iran’s Nuclear Agency Comes Out and Boldly Told the World That It’s People Had Been Preparing to Break Nuclear Agreement from Very Start


BOCA RATON – Guess what? American spooks believe that Iran is now in compliance with the deal it made with President Obama. And that is all fine and dandy with the Mullahs who constantly declare their intentions of laying waste to our own country and Israel. Can we say we think they are being played for fools? Of course. Just recently, the head of Iran’s nuclear agency has come out and boldly told the world that his people had been preparing to break their agreement from the start. Sort of a comeuppance for the tragically simple minded who stood up for the terrorists in Tehran who promised to abide by the Obama penned treaty. Iranian spokesman, Ali Akbar Salehi stated openly and boldly:

“We knew that [the Westerners] would ultimately renege on their promises. Not only did we avoid destroying the bridges that we had built, but we also built new bridges that would enable us to go back faster if needed.”

Iranian spokesman, Ali Akbar Salehi

We have to consider this strange honesty as a blatant threat that Iran will break with its promises and ramp up its already ongoing military grade nuclear fuel production and missile capability production. 

Back during the Obama regime’s trustful support of the Iranian government, we neglected to establish a credible security arrangement to oversee the conformance by them to the black print in the nuclear treaty. We left much of this to the incompetent and corrupt International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the UN to certify that Iran is in compliance with the treaty. It has failed miserably by repeatedly giving them gold medals for their conformance to the letter of the treaty. But. kudos to President Trump who last year called them liars and  pulled out of the treaty. He stands with Israeli PM Netanyahu who recently produced documents proving Iran has been working on producing a nuclear warhead long before Trump’s actions. President Obama accepted Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s supposed fatwa against nuclear weapons as evidence that Iran was sincere.  Netanyahu’s disclosures show Iran’s leaders have lied repeatedly, raising questions about their honesty regarding Iran’s nuclear program. The IAEA has consistently reported that Iran is keeping to its word and is not enlarging their atomic weapons program. This rings rather strange as their inspectors are not permitted to oversee nuclear military areas nor can they monitor the country’s ballistic missile program. Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said recently that the uranium enrichment 20% purity level which Iran supposedly jettisoned because of the nuclear deal could be reinstated in…. two days. And throw in that Iran has accumulated roughly 400 tons of yellowcake since the nuclear deal was put in place in 2016. And that’s not for baking.

So getting back to all of those numbskulls who wish to believe that the Iranian heads of state, who day in and day out call for the destruction of  Israel, the U.S., the Christian Western World and promise the eventual global supremacy of Islam over this planet will adhere to any treaty that limits their ability to dominate, are dangerous to us all. Let them listen to the words of President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu who warn of the impending disaster of a nuclear armed Iran….. before it’s too late.

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