Geraldo Rivera Defends Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal to Fox & Friends: “There Is Evidence” of Global Warming

NEW YORK – Gerlado Rivera defended Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal on “Fox & Friends” Friday, calling it “idealistic” and “aspirational.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked what he thought of the proposal and he side-stepped the question to heap praise on the New York congresswoman.

“I’m, as you know, a fan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She represents a district in which three of my grandchildren reside … She represents much of the borough of Queens, which is the epicenter of immigration in America,” Rivera said. “One-hundred and thirty-eight languages are spoken in the borough. It’s estimated 300,000 residents in the borough are undocumented immigrants.”

“What do you think about the deal?” Earhardt replied.

“I think that it is idealistic, it is aspirational,” he replied. “It is kind of future think. It’s a wish list.”

“You aspire for total control? You aspire to support the people that don’t work?” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked.

“No, you aspire to get rid of pollution, Brian. You aspire to get rid of traffic. You aspire to make the world environmentally a place where it is sustainable,” Rivera replied.

He then suggested every home in the southwestern United States, Florida and Puerto Rico should be mandated to have solar power.

“For instance, this should be throughout the southwestern portion of the United States and Florida and Puerto Rico certainly — every house should have solar power,” Rivera said. “There are all those canyons, all that wind. There are all alternatives. I think that absolutism is what curtails the dream of the progressive. How do they pay for it?”

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