BREAKING: Jury Finds Michigan Man Guilty of Shooting Friend, Then Chopping Up Body and Burying Victim in Shallow Grave

MICHIGAN – A Macomb County jury found a man guilty of shooting a friend and then chopping his body up into bits and burying them in two shallow graves.

Andrew Fiacco, 21, was charged and found guilty Thursday of killing his childhood friend Stephen McAfee, 19. The jury also found Fiacco guilty of dismemberment, a felony firearm offense, and lying to a police office, The Associated Press reported Friday.

Fiacco shot McAfee in the head two times before tearing his limbs apart and burying the remains in 2016, according prosecutors, TheAP reported. Fiacco got rid of the body parts by digging two graves in a field on some family property in Bruce Township.

Three days after McAfee disappeared, his family worried he had been killed and reported him missing to the police.

After law enforcement suspected Fiacco and began questioning him, Fiacco told authorities that he didn’t know anything about McAfee’s disappearance. He changed his story in April 2017 when he took the authorities to the crime scene.

Fiacco dug graves roughly 10 miles apart from one another, according to TheAP.

The court’s guilty verdict comes after Macomb Country Sherrif detective Mark Morfino discovered and reported to the court that Fiacco had taken his ex-girlfriend, Eevette MacDonald, to the crime scene roughly a month after McAfee’s disappearance. He took her there to “show her something,” according to Morfino, TheAP reported.

MacDonald later told an associate that Fiacco had killed McAfee, according to TheAP. MacDonald pleaded guilty in December as an accessary to the crime. The court found her guilty of exhumation and mutilation of a body.

Fiacco’s attorneys argue that he killed McAfee out of self defense. We “do believe he used lawful self-defense,” attorney Kristina Joseph said, TheAP reported.

Fiacco will be sentenced March 21 and MacDonald on March 7.

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