Brian Kilmeade: Trump Should Open ‘Private Investigation’ Into Adam Schiff


NEW YORK, NY – “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade said Thursday President Donald Trump should think of opening a private investigation into Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California along with other House Democrats.

“Why not investigate Adam Schiff?” Kilmeade said Thursday. “Why not investigate Maxine Waters? How did they become rich? Why not investigate them?”

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said a Democratic Congress would never investigate one of their own, prompting Kilmeade to suggest a private investigation.

“Why doesn’t the president run a private investigation on to Adam Schiff?” he said.

“If he’s going to use the power of the government to do anything, [he] has to do it through the DOJ, and there has to be evidence of some criminal behavior,” Napolitano replied.

Napolitano also claimed Congress can investigate whomever it wants with a lower burden of proof than a criminal probe and can stir up a “witch hunt” with or without the evidence to back it up.

“Unfortunately for the president, and unfortunately for all presidents, the Congress can investigate whatever it wants and it can literally engage in a witch hunt whether there’s evidence there or not,” he said.

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