Bezos Told Leak to National Enquirer of Affair Was “Politically Motivated” Hit Job from Trump Supporters Tied to Roger Stone and Carter Page


CALIFORNIA – Billionaire Jeff Bezos’s longtime private security consultant investigated an expose of the Amazon head’s affair and has determined it was a political hit job, The Washington Post reported Tuesday night.

Consultant Gavin de Becker believes reports about Bezos’ relationship with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez started with a “politically motivated” leak from President Donald Trump supporters. Bezos, who divorced his wife MacKenzie Bezos in January, authorized de Becker to speak about his investigation.

Bezos demanded instructed de Becker to investigate how the National Enquirer obtained text messages between himself and the woman he was having an affair with, WaPo reported. The effort to leak the information potentially involved people tied to Roger Stone and Carter Page, both of whom were involved in Trump’s 2016 campaign.

De Becker’s probe eventually targeted Lauren’s brother, Michael Sanchez, a media gadfly who is acquainted with Trump backers Roger Stone and Carter Page. “We are studying many people who might have been involved in this, and Michael Sanchez is one we’ve spoken with and been looking at,” de Becker told reporters.

Sanchez has a different take. He denies playing a role his sister’s affair and told reporters that his priorities are “to clear my name by telling the truth.” Sanchez said he learned of the affair in 2018 and first met the WaPo owner in April of that year at a dinner with Lauren.

Sanchez, who claims to be is sister’s publicist, has floated several theories to explain how the National Enquirer obtained the texts, including the possibility that rival tech companies or “deep state” actors within the U.S. government were involved, WaPo reported, citing emails between Sanchez and de Becker.

De Becker was involved in the leaks to the Enquirer “to sabotage Mr. Bezos and Ms. Sanchez’s love affair,” Sanchez said in a statement to WaPo. The security chief was trying to keep Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, together. De Becker maintains a mind-meld on both Lauren Sanchez and Bezos, he added.

Bezos currently has a net worth around $137 billion dollars, the highest figure ever recorded. The couple seemed headed for an amicable split – a Jan. 24 report from People Magazine suggests he is preparing to move in with Lauren Sanchez

Trump and Bezos have a history of dinging each other through social media and elsewhere. The reportedly president floated the idea of taxing Amazon at a higher level in order make up for their effect on small business retailers at the local level. He also reportedly believes the U.S. post office is being fleeced by the company, a sentiment he has voiced in the past.

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