CNN Fuels the Fire: Maga Hats Are Like White Hoods, Just Stupider, You Can See Exactly Who Is Wearing Them; Cuomo Showcases Racist Tweet

NEW YORK – The Washington Free Beacon uploaded a video on Thursday with Chris Cuomo comparing a MAGA hat to shirts that say ‘I Hate Black People’. The following tweet showcased in the clip is now deleted.

According to guest and fellow news anchor Don Lemon:

“Your clothing tells a story about who you are, what you think about and what you represent.” He went on to say, “And also, life is not in a vacuum, that hat means a lot of things, if you are going to wear that hat, that hat means a lot of things, everything from I would say the beginning of the campaign, maybe even before, maybe that hat means the Central Park Five to people, maybe it means birtherism to people, maybe it means Mexicans are rapists to people, and so you can’t erase those things from the story of that hat and say I am only wearing it because I want stronger immigration, well a lot of people want stronger immigration, it just can’t be about what you want it to be about. There are symbols and things in society that you have to take as a whole.

The clip concludes with the two discussing whether or not the hat should be banned.

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