Matt Damon reveals which Democrats he would like to see in the White House


Award-winning actor Matt Damon may have firmly ruled out any chance of him entering the political space, yet that doesn’t mean he’s not ready to throw his support behind others.

“There’s going to be a huge Democratic field. I love Joe Biden and especially now, particularly with our institutions under such attack,” the actor and co-founder told CNBC’s Tania Bryer Wednesday.

“I think it would be a great signal to the world if we put somebody who was established and very stable and very wise back in charge.”

It’s not just long-time established politicians that he’s happy to support either, telling CNBC at the World Economic Forum that there are a “great group of politicians that are up and coming” that he’s showing optimism for.

“In California, we have Kamala Harris, who I think is absolutely brilliant and I would love to someday see her be the president of the United States and if that happened in 2020 — I’d be very happy with that too.”

While former Vice President Joe Biden has yet to announce whether he is running in the presidential campaign for 2020, Harris has. On Monday, the first-term Democratic Senator officially launched her campaign for the White House.

Harris’ campaign is expected to concentrate on slashing the high living costs for those with a middle-class tax credit, along with looking into criminal justice changes, immigration and health care, according to Reuters.

On being asked what he thought of President Trump, Damon stuck by comments he made at Davos in 2017, when he said that it’s important to give each president a chance, and root for the success of the country.

“What I said then and what I still feel is that I root very strongly for the president of our country. We need him to do well – that’s good for everybody, and obviously I didn’t vote for him, that’s not a secret,” the actor said.

Damon went onto jokingly add that the current presidency was “half way through — we could be almost all the way through.”

The actor’s comments come as the U.S. administration faces a government shutdown that is currently going into its 33rd day and the ongoing investigation into the 2016 election. Jokes aside, Damon states that its important to root for the success of the country.

“I think every sensible person does root for the success of the American president, because that obviously has a huge effect on the entire world.”

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