Former Finnish prime minister says he would put Brexit to a second vote

NEW YORK, NY -The U.K.’s withdrawal from the EU should be put to a second public vote to overcome the current impasse, the former prime minister of Finland told CNBC Monday.

In her most recent approach to Brexit, May said she would meet with the DUP (The Democratic Unionist Party) — the Northern Irish party that props up her government in Parliament — to hear its concerns about the so-called Irish backstop.

This is a policy that features in the agreement that May reached with the EU over the U.K.’s departure. Some Brexiteers argue that it keeps Northern Ireland aligned with the rest of the EU indefinitely and it’s been one of the most contentious issues in the entire Brexit process so far.

However, Stubb told CNBC that the Brexit impasse is much broader than the backstop.

“The whole issue is much more serious and complex than (the backstop). We saw the vote in the parliament … the mere reality is that Brexit is a simply bad value proposition.”

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