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No Thanks Mr. Socialist Mayor – Stay Away from Our $$$

With each outpouring of his Leftist Handout Philosophy accompanied by his corruption and hypocritical political behavior, our own Mayor deBlasio sounds more and more like the new, “Lenin on the Hudson.” Photo Credit: Shutterstock

NEW YORK, NY – With each outpouring of his Leftist Handout Philosophy accompanied by his corruption and hypocritical political behavior, our own Mayor deBlasio sounds more and more like the new, “Lenin on the Hudson.” Leave it to Big Bill to enter Gracie Mansion as the leader of the world’s greatest financial city and from day one, attempt to drag it down to the level of once glorious, Caracas, Venezuela, where its citizens now line up to dine from Dumpsters. Hugo Chavez laid out the blueprint for our own mayor. He styled himself as a champion of the poor by pouring billions of dollars of Venezuela’s oil wealth into lunatic social programs that devastated his country. Now we have the same kind of radical Socialist leader attempting to destroy his own city’s golden egg, capitalism, while inculcating the “hand out” philosophy into the genetic structure of its citizens that will only lead to our downfall.

Mayor “D” knows how to stir up the masses. “Brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. There’s plenty of money in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands.” Just who will be the judge of how much money each citizen should have? Or more rightly, deserve? Is it Mayor “D” himself, whose million $ Park Slope home (one of two!) was listed for rent back in 2014 for 5 thousand per month. And his 2016 tax returns indicate his rental income from both rental homes topped 106 thousand $. Not too bad for a raging Socialist. We note he didn’t open it up freebie to any homeless families to take them off the cold streets. Mayor “D” has called for redistributing real estate by seizing buildings from “bad” landlords and under the jurisdiction of a newly created bureaucratic boondoggle, named the “Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants,” would turn over to non-profits to of course, plunder and destroy. That’s the formula for creating ready to live in slums, which we have enough of in our own city’s housing projects. Fiasco, indeed.

Throw in Hizzoner’s proposal to offer free medical care to the city’s poor, including an estimated 300,000 illegal aliens. He claims he will magically expand the city’s hospitals’ ability to accept these people as patients so that they will not use the ER’s as their primary source of health care. Of course, he hasn’t told us how he will pay for this billion $ program. That’s to be determined and implemented after he gets the national recognition for dreaming up this program. But, as we see it, the funds to propel this program will have to come from increased taxes from those employed in the city, which will ultimately lead to an increased exodus by the wealthy. And on the other hand, the tempting offer to give the poor free medical care will act as a magnet for those in this category to flock to us for his pie in the sky gift. Not such a good trade-off.

We have, sitting in Gracie Mansion, a cut and dyed Socialist/Marxist who rules over a city that has blossomed under capitalism. Our schools were once the finest. Our airports, once the most accommodating and welcoming. Our public transportation, once the smoothest and safest. Now, under deBlasio, we have little to boast about. Corruption, castigating those whose taxes are the highest, harassing those employers who create jobs, intimidating NYPD’s Finest and catering to those who would attempt to redistribute income, property success, ability and aspiration just will not work. When our forebearers landed on our shores, it was “sink or swim.” Most of them swam and succeeded without the artificial assistance of our politicians. We look to the old days.

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